Automated Marketing Agency Reporting

Fast, effective, automatic Digital Dashboards so you can communicate ROI to your clients

Built for Marketing Agencies
A reporting platform designed for the modern digital agency
Full Service, & Automatic
Spend less time entering data, and more time analyzing it
No Reporting? No Problem.
Start from scratch with powerful templates. No experience necessary
Remarkably Customizable
Any Channel, Any Visualization. If you need to report it, we'll make it a reality

Our Company

We believe that the future of marketing is in the intelligent analysis of data. We are relentlessly simplifying this process to let you focus on what you are best at - generating actionable insights.

Global Clients

We work with some of the biggest companies in the world - giants in Entertainment, Travel, Electronics, CPG, Retail, and many more.

Protecting your critical marketing performance information is important to us, so we aren't going to put your logo on our site and advertise where your data is stored. Fortune 100 companies trust us with their most sensitive data. You can too.

A Solution for Analysts and Executives

Many Marketing Analysts spend over half of their monthly reporting time gathering and normalizing the data, and then they can start analyzing it and providing insights. Converge automates that process and aligns the data so you can provide more accurate reporting in less time, with more focus on adding value and less time fighting with platform exports.

Unlike Business Intelligence platforms, Converge has a deep understanding of marketing data, what it means, and sound and standard methodologies to report on and visualize the data to move your business. We provide executives with standard, real-time views of marketing performance with no customization needed.

If you need something more custom (and many of our clients do), you won't need an army of consultants to get to something useful, and it won't take 6 months to build. We can meet complex enterprise needs within very reasonable budgets and schedules.