What Is Your Agency’s Differentiating Factor?

What Is your Agency's Differentiating Factor?

Why did you last client choose you over the competition?

Why would your next client?

These are questions you constantly need to be thinking about in order to position yourself above the other marketing agencies out there. Identifying your unique factors allows you to build a brand that is easily distinguishable from the other agencies out there.

Everything from the clients you currently work with to your personality on Instagram is positioning your brand and helping your audience identify you and what makes you unique. 

So now it’s time to take a second and think about what those are and see if they align with what you want them to be.

Maybe you aren’t sure what makes you different?

Maybe you don’t like the things that do?

No matter what it is, these are the types of things that help potential clients understand if your agency is the right fit or not.

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What Do Clients Look For?

Most marketers come to an agency with a specific problem they have. They aren’t hitting metrics when it comes to the web, social or email marketing. They realize they don’t have the team, skills or resources to tackle these issues on their own so they seek out agencies that do. They request the help of an agency with those specific tasks in mind that then normally turns into a campaign or project. That’s why you, as an agency, need to help these potential customers understand what your agency specializes in, what makes you stand out. So when they have X problem they come to you to fix it. 

2 Simple Ways You Can Stand Apart

1. Organize An Industry Conference

Creating something that marketers want access to is a great way to get brands talking about you.

What is something people want to learn more about in marketing right now?

  • Is it about marketing to a certain generation?
  • How to use messaging apps in marketing?
  • What technology should be in your marketing stack?
  • How to build brand trust in today’s #FakeNews Cycle?
  • Customer care on social?

What specific topics can your agency spend time researching and what experts could you gain access to deliver a plethora of information? This could then turn into at a commissioned research project that easily proves to have enough information for a day-long conference for industry leaders. This could be something you ask current clients to speak at or bring in experts potential and current clients would be interested in hearing from. Position yourself as an industry leader in topics that are still being debated and provide resources for potential clients to gain interest from. 

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2. Report Differently

Yesterday, while watching a Forget The Funnel workshop, their guest speaker, Talia Wolf, talked about producing reports your CEO really wants. And that immediately got me thinking that agencies could follow this same idea structure. 

Below are things you should include in your reports. Remember you aren’t just winning over the marketing team, you have to show your impact on the business because C-Level Executives could also be involved in the decision-making process to keep working with your agency or not. If you’re known as the agency that can solve marketings needs and relate that information to business goals, who also creates reports that tie the two together- that could be a game changer.

First and foremost stop using Excel spreadsheets. No one wants to look at all the numbers and your clients aren’t looking at them anyways- they are probably just too nice to tell you. Instead, include numbers and information in a way that helps answer the following questions:

  • What insights or observations led to the creation of this campaign?
  • What is the idea behind the campaign?
  • What are you trying to learn or achieve?
  • What is your hypothesis?
  • What did you do? How did you do it? What did you see?
  • What did you learn from this campaign?
  • What action will you take?
  • What’s the next campaign?
  • What else will you do?

This is how you help explain marketing to non-marketing people, you don’t always need to use row and rows of data and most importantly this will help answer questions people didn’t even realize they had.

Wrap It Up

We can think of way more than two ways you can stand apart!

Maybe you are known for….

  • Taking really good care of your clients
  • Focusing on an industry
  • Transparent pricing

Just think, what would make you most proud? What aligns with your mission statement and company values? When you think about it like that it will make picking your differentiating factor a little bit easier or help you realize that something isn’t lining up. 

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