Marketing Trends Taking Over 2017

When you are in the marketing trenches every day, it’s sometimes hard to realize just how much has changed in only a year, but it sure has!

From the continued rollout of new features on social platforms to home devices like Google Home taking over our lives (and TV commercials). A lot has come our way. 

However, we think the three trends listed below stand out above the rest. We continue to see more and more brands, and agencies make these three trends a part of their marketing strategies and more importantly, they seem to be working! Continue reading “Marketing Trends Taking Over 2017”

What Is Keeping You From Accomplishing Your 2017 Goals

About six or seventh months ago you started making plans for 2017 based on your 2016 performance.

  • Where did you miss the mark?
  • What did you do really well?
  • What’s something new you want to try?

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Why Social Likes Email

When thinking about email and social, as marketers we know just how different they are from one another. Email is a powerful tool used for customer retention and driving transactions while social is used to build community and your brand’s story. These two channels have very different strengths and weaknesses but like many relationships, that’s what makes them an unstoppable duo.

So, how is it possible that social and email can work together to drive even more business? Continue reading “Why Social Likes Email”

3 Marketing Mistakes You CAN NOT Make In 2017

There are a lot of things you may be planning to do next year. It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement of a new year! Most of the time we spend the last month of the year setting goals, KPIs, and even higher expectations-thinking about everything we are going to do to make this next year even better! Continue reading “3 Marketing Mistakes You CAN NOT Make In 2017”

3 Marketing Questions You Might Be Too Afraid To Ask

We have all been there, someone at work says a term you have never heard of, you nod your head in agreement and then make a b-line for your desk when the meeting is over, Google it as soon as you know no one is watching you, and feel relieved once you know that the heck they are talking, and celebrating the fact that no one asked you to contribute to that conversation because you wouldn’t have known ANYTHING! Continue reading “3 Marketing Questions You Might Be Too Afraid To Ask”

Hey Marketers-Do You Speak CEO?

Marketing has been getting a lot of attention and that attention is coming from C-Level Executives who are noticing the impact marketing has on their bottom line- which can be a good thing!

But just because they are noticing doesn’t mean you should expect them to understand everything you are doing. It is actually the other way around. You need to be ready (and willing) to answer some questions and rise up to the challenge of rounding off your skills so you can demonstrate how your marketing activities impact the overall organizational goals. 

So what exactly does that mean…

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