3 Ways You Are Not Challenging Your Marketing Team

3 Ways You Are Not Challenging Your Marketing Team

Those goals your marketing team set have an expiration date, and it’s time to start getting real with where they are in the process and how they are going to accomplish them.

So how do you find out how things are going? You have to ask some questions but asking pressing questions can often lead to uncomfortable answers. You don’t want your team to think you are looking for something; you want them to know you are checking in, pushing them to ensure these goals happen, and that they are making efforts to achieve them.

How can that be done?

Below are three questions we believe you need to ask your team and not just when it comes to where they are in achieving yearly or quarterly goals but maybe even monthly or weekly!

1. What Is Your Success Metric?

This question is vital for a number of reasons. First, it will help explain how your team is measuring each goal, if they are at all, and if so what metric is defining that success. It’s effortless to set goals using metrics that always makes you look good, or you know exactly how and what to tweak to get to that magic number. If your team is using those types of metrics, then that’s not good enough, and you need to set some real metrics that align with actual goals. This success metric is so important because it determines how effective your marketing team is. It urges them to think about how they are measuring success and better yet if those metrics align with overall company goals.

2. Where Should We Be Doubling Our Efforts?

It’s so easy to get into a routine, even with marketing. Yes, things are ever changing with new tools and technology coming in and out of style but for it to become a true part of your team’s plan it probably takes a while to settle in. When you ask your team this question, it will make them take a second look at their routine. If they are just going through the motions, they won’t know the answer, if they are actually gathering data and measuring results based on their performance, then they will know exactly where they should be spending more time, fighting for a bigger budget and asking for help.

3. What’s Going Badly?

It’s always easier when we ask what’s going well and end the conversation there, but we have to keep pushing.

Where are we failing?

What needs help?

What hasn’t been done?

The questions we avoid, the conversations we end, the help we don’t offer (or ask for) is what is holding your team back and could be why your goals aren’t being accomplished. You need to check in and ask your team what they are afraid to admit. As they answer truthfully make sure they are very specific- why is this a failure? Get all the details because the more information they provide, the more facts you have to work with and start moving the needle the other way. It’s important to note you don’t want to ask this question once and then move on. You need to ask it repeatedly. Depending on what is going bad you may need to ask weekly, monthly or quarterly and document these answers. As hard as it is to admit failure what matters most is what your team does from there.

What has changed?

What hasn’t?

Are you tracking your process?

These follow-up questions will help determine if they really are doing everything they can to fix the bad.

Wrap It Up

When is the last time you asked one of the above questions?

Don’t just ask the hard questions and walk away. Ask and then join them on their journey to get things right and attack the team’s next goals. 

The above three questions are tough, and you don’t want to leave your team all bent-out-of-shape wondering what is going on. Explain to them why these questions are important, how this will help improve your relationship and their results. 

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