Does Your Marketing Team Need A Data Analyst?

Does Your Marketing Team Need A Data Analyst?

Many brands and agencies use the term data-driven to describe their marketing efforts but how do you know if you’re using data to its full potential?

We believe many marketers realize how important data is in connecting the dots between your marketing efforts and business goals but that can still be really hard to do. Having all the data doesn’t do much if you don’t really know what to do with it.

So what should you do? This is when we introduce you to the Data Analyst.

Think of a Data Analyst as the person who helps you cross the street from marketing and into data world without getting lost, hit by a car, or avoiding it all together because it looks terrifying!

We think we can convince you that you need a Data Analyst on your team.

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1. How Do You Know It’s Working?

I mean how many times as marketers, whether working for a brand and hearing that from the CEO or when on the agency side and hearing it from a client, have you heard the above question? And it still feels like a punch to the gut every single time.

Well, Data Analysts are not only able to help answer that question, but they might even be able to help you avoid hearing that question altogether.

Why yes we know you have the marketing technology that allows you to gather data you need, and that has made everything a whole lot easier, but we also have a tendency to only look at the things we want to see- and data is no exception. Data Analysts can remind your team it’s not all about marketing. That we have to tie this data back to the impact we are making on the business-which is important to CEO’s and businesses asking the How do you know it’s working question.

A Data Analyst can help you and your team use data to tell a story of what is happening and where you might go in the future. Nothing meaningful can come from data unless you have the right people in place identifying, analyzing and interpreting the data to communicate an action plan for the business- not just marketing.

Do you want to desperately avoid the question above? Then arm your marketing team with a Data Analyst who understands steak holders exceptions, as well as the marketing workflow, to help create accountability through measurement.

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2. There’s No Need To Juggle It All

You now might be thinking…

Well, I have a marketing team, and I work with an agency! Why do I need someone else?

Because you and your marketing team are handling a lot of things. From the pitch, to the creative, to the actual work it takes to run a campaign not to mention all the research, budget-tracking, goals and KPIs you spend time on. You already do a lot and then having to find more time to look at the data within each channel, run an analysis, send reports on your findings and adjust the strategy as necessary-you are exhausted not to mention already handling a few too many things.

That is why having a Data Analyst on your team is so important. They are often not part of the personal and creative process it takes to build a marketing campaign, the one where you might choose to trust your gut over the numbers. The data analyst can look at data from another lens.

Why you might use data to justify your findings, they will use data to give unbiased direction, as well as predict what will or will not happen and help prove results when the campaign is completed. They take the emotion out of making a marketing decision which can actually help you build a stronger more successful relationship with your boss and clients because you are crushing the goals and KPIs you set out to achieve in the first place.

3. But Don’t They Just Read Data?

As more and more marketing teams are looking for a Data Analyst to help position their strategy, Data Analyst roles and responsibilities are expanding. Yes, they do analyze campaign performance, but they also do so much more for your marketing team: 

  • Develop KPIs to assess effectiveness of existing programs
  • Monitor marketing trending
  • Forecast future outcomes
  • Identify areas that are underperforming as well as improving
  • Create reports that visualize their data findings
  • Work collaboratively with the marketing team, so they include quantitive support in their proposals

Data Analyst are numbers oriented; they help counter the creative side of marketing with data and logic which is something more and more marketing teams want and need to use when it comes to justifying marketing’s decision making.

Wrap It Up

Hiring a Data Analyst could be the missing linking to creating a genuinely data-inquisitive culture within your marketing team.

Gathering, analyzing and reporting on data is way different from most marketing responsibilities so therefore may not be a strength of your Social Media Manager or PPC Specialist. However, when your marketing team includes a Data Analyst, you realize just how important the person behind the metrics truly is. They can make a significant impact on your measurement practices, marketing, and sales KPIs, and better yet business-wide goals in this everchanging world of data-driven marketing. 

Want to learn more about who you should have on your marketing team? Check out this post, The Importance Of A Top-Notch Social Media Manager here.

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