How To Use Snapchat And Instagram Stories To Engage Your Audience

As a business, you have probably spent a lot of time, money and resources building an app you hope people want to use. But what if instead of trying to create something new, to change people’s habits, begging them to explore your products and brand over here– why don’t you go to where your audience already hangs out?

Instagram and Snapchat are two apps we think you can experiment with. Why? 

It makes sense to invest in these social media platforms, especially if your audience is already on Instagram and Snapchat and if you are B2C- then there is no reason you wouldn’t be on here. So what has been holding you back from exploring these platforms before? Was it time? Talent? An understanding of what this can do for your overall business? Continue reading “How To Use Snapchat And Instagram Stories To Engage Your Audience”

Are Agency Reviews The New Norm?

It is not only the marketing world that continues to change but the consumer world is also rapidly evolving. So should it be surprising that agency reviews seem to be taking place more frequently?

In the past, we really only expected agency reviews in times when new leadership took over but as new platforms, more data and the way we connect with each other continues to change agencies have to be ready for them at any moment. Brands want to ensure they are reaching their customers, and reaching them in the most thoughtful, compelling and efficient way possible. The only way to know if that is happening is to review your work. Continue reading “Are Agency Reviews The New Norm?”

Can Social Data Impact Your Content Marketing Decisions?

In an effort to help marketers understand why brands need to make social a part of everything they are doing (rather than keeping it isolated) I wanted to deep dive into the information your social data can reveal about your content marketing strategy.

Many brands actually use the Converge Marketing Dashboard for their content marketing strategy. Even though they might be pulling data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest they are finding that by diving into their social data they are able to make better decisions about the direction of their content strategy. Social makes it easy to run tests, learn about your audience and understand what is and is not working for the content you are producing. 

Below is how you can use social data to answer 5 important content questions… Continue reading “Can Social Data Impact Your Content Marketing Decisions?”

Don’t Let Data Break Your Heart




Just some of the qualities you might be looking for in the person you spend your Valentines Day with but also qualities you should be looking for in your marketing data and data platform.

I know your list might include a few more things than that for your significant other and/or your marketing dashboard but if you think about it- those are some good building blocks to either relationship.

You put a lot of trust into your marketing data. You use it to make some important business decisions, to quantify goals and prove ROI within your marketing department. You need to ensure it is as accurate as possible! Just because it might be telling you what you want to hear does not mean that it is working like it should.

Now, I am not saying you have to go all PI on your marketing data (or your date) but below are 5 things you can easily start doing to ensure data accuracy is not a problem. Continue reading “Don’t Let Data Break Your Heart”

What We Learned About Super Bowl 51 Ads From Twitter

Besides the disappointing loss (seriously no words for that)

the commercials are obviously the next biggest topic the day after the game. There really is no other time where people are actually looking forward to ads! And this might be one of the last events that happens on television that we could never save for the DVR or think about fast forwarding through the commercials.

Not to mention more than 111 million people watched and the fact that a lot of them jumped on social to talk about everything going on during the game. This was a great opportunity to use the Converge platform and determine just how worth an ad spot was during the Super Bowl 51 according to Twitter. 

We tracked nearly 100 brands who had confirmed ad spots or who have been active players in Super Bowl ads in previous years to see who would bring home Super Bowl 51’s Twitter engagement ring. 

So let’s see, do you actually need an ad to drive conversation around your brand during the big game? Continue reading “What We Learned About Super Bowl 51 Ads From Twitter”

Last Minute Super Bowl Ad & Engagement Ideas That Don’t Cost $5 Million

Here in Atlanta, there isn’t much else anyone is talking about but the Super Bowl happening in just a few short days.

I mean no big deal but we even got Ellen to notice us!

Ellen's tweet to Atlanta for Super Bowl tickets

Sadly, I am not the winner of the tickets but I still have good news. You don’t need to spend $5 million dollars on a Super Bowl ad to take advantage of the hundreds of millions of people watching on Sunday.

Really good news since it might be a tad late to participate with an ad but thanks to social and mobile there are still plenty of ways to get your brand in the game.

All three stats below are from a article and prove just how accessible the Super Bowl audience is to you. All you have to do is join the conversation!

So let’s talk about how you can do that… Continue reading “Last Minute Super Bowl Ad & Engagement Ideas That Don’t Cost $5 Million”

Unlocking Mobile’s Full Potential In 2017

For most people, their mobile phone is their lifeline. Some of you may be reading this from a mobile device, many will check your mobile phone at least once while reading this post and a few may even a share this via their mobile phone to a social media account or attach it to an email. But somehow mobile seems to have slipped through marketers reach in the past year.

Marketers have yet to take advantage of all mobile has to offer- therefore they aren’t putting mobile first. From its technology, to the data it collects, to the access it gives you to customers- mobile is the marketer’s Achilles heel.

It’s time for marketers to reconsider how mobile is used in their strategy.
Continue reading “Unlocking Mobile’s Full Potential In 2017”

Agencies Need To Rebuild The Trust In Media

Did you know the word of 2016 was post-truth? Did you know the word of 2015 was the crying eyes emoji? That almost feels too appropriate.

Post-truth is just another word for a lie which is now being called fake news. Which is also something that finally got the attention it needed in 2016. From social networks to political campaigns-everyone was affected by fake news. Whether you were reading it, producing it or trying to fact check it, it took over our News Feeds and dinner conversations.

It seems like beyond everything else that we lost in 2016 (and the losses seem endless) truth was the biggest loser of them all.
Continue reading “Agencies Need To Rebuild The Trust In Media”