Reporting CMOs Want!

If I were to sum up the life of a marketer, I would say their goal on a daily basis is to 


From figuring out who your audience is, what your audience wants, how to reach them, and most importantly how to get them to make a purchase. Oh yeah and in as little time for as little money as possible.

Anything else?

And don’t forget to provide reporting detailing those results, with data and analytics, in a language everyone can understand.

Gulp. No problem.

Bill Clinton looking defeated

Cue minor panic attack/nervous breakdown/ and never sleeping again.

What doesn’t my CMO want from me?! But maybe the reason they are expecting the best from you is that they are constantly going to battle for you.

So before you feel too defeated let us help you understand the importance of providing these insights to your CMO through reporting.

There is more at stake than what you might think! Continue reading “Reporting CMOs Want!”

Should Your Client Take A Side?

As an agency you might have to deal with an unexpected controversial issue but what happens if a client comes to you and they want to take a side? Want to make a bold stance and not shy away from issues?

Would you know if there are any benefits? Do you know what damages could come? What would you be prepared for?

With the current political climate, more people are wanting to know where their favorite brands stand on important issues. And I am sure with the transition of the oval office happening any day now this will be a more common theme for the next four years (more than we have ever seen before). So are you ready to support your client’s efforts in taking on the important issues?

Here is how you can ensure that taking a stand builds loyalty and doesn’t crumble sales. Continue reading “Should Your Client Take A Side?”

Will Voice Take Over Marketing?

Search is presenting the marketing world with a possible shift, voice search.

That’s right, search is finally getting exciting again!

I think about how flawlessly Alexa (the Amazon Echo ) has fit into my life. When converting measurements in the kitchen, to setting a timer while working out, or helping me figure out what network the Falcons game is on, these were all things I used to grab my mobile phone for but the flow and ease of just asking your questions out loud rather than typing them has actually been a very natural progression.

Thanks to new technology, voice search is finally catching up with the needs and wants of our personal life. And now is the perfect time for marketers to start thinking about what voice search can do for them!

That personal level you have been looking to add to your content marketing to the conversational tone you want to have with your target audience. Voice search could start making that a lot easier to achieve. As many marketers continue to make SEO a top priority they need to think about how and why voice should be a part of SEO, here are the three things we want you to consider when it comes to voice search. 
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Hey Agencies- Do You Speak CEO?

As an agency who are you focusing on? The marketing team? The CMO? Whose heart should you really be trying to win over?

It’s hard! You have day to day contact with a few people. Obviously, those relationships are important, but maybe it’s the person you see once in a blue moon that you need to be prepared to wow at any moment. You need to help them remember you when those tough decisions have to be made. 

That’s why we think you need to spend that extra time building relationships and sharing success with the CEO. After all, in the world of advertising, you need to win over the CEO to stay with the client. Continue reading “Hey Agencies- Do You Speak CEO?”

4 Things You Need To Do To Take Social Out Of The Silos

We have watched social media marketing evolve! It used to be a job passed off to interns, and now it has become the backbone of nearly everything we do in marketing. So why is it that social still lives in its own world? How can we let something so important, something that touches nearly everything else we are doing, work on its own?

The answer is we can’t

To have an effective and impactful marketing strategy, social can no longer be cut off from everything else we are doing within the organization. When social is in the silos you aren’t able to maximize your marketing efforts and create an engaging experience for customers. It’s when social is the thread running through everything you are doing you will see your best results.  Continue reading “4 Things You Need To Do To Take Social Out Of The Silos”

How To Escape Your Agency’s Reporting Nightmare

Is there anything your agency dreads more than reporting? Are you trying to add something valuable but the only thing you and your team seem to be doing is pulling out your hair?

Or do you know you want to tell a story with data, but you just aren’t sure how to? And most importantly how to make this as painless as possible? Continue reading “How To Escape Your Agency’s Reporting Nightmare”

How To Influence The Influencer

Behind some of the biggest digital success stories of 2016 you won’t find a major brand or an agency with a fancy award but instead a funny, relatable, smart and strategic influencer.regular person who can be a trusted source to a niche audience. An audience you are dying to tap into and win the hearts of.

In fact, 51 percent of marketers believe they get better customers from influencer marketing. That’s because they know relationships begin with trust, and an influencer can provide that level of authenticity and trustworthiness that traditional and digital ads can not. Continue reading “How To Influence The Influencer”

How Digital Advertising Became The New TV For Brands

It’s a trend we have seen coming for a long time. This prediction started nearly a decade ago and every year since has been deemed the year digital takes over. Whether it’s because of mobile, social platforms or cord cutting, digital is always going after something or someone- desktops, real-life interactions and now the television.

PwC predicts that online advertising spending will exceed $75 billion next year, surpassing the $74.7 billion projected for TV. Online advertising is expected to grow 9.4% through 2020, compared to TV’s 3.2% rate.

So what does this actually mean for TV? Will brands cut their advertising budgets? Can advertisers make TV advertising relevant? Is this a conversation worth having yet?

We think so! Below are five punches digital has thrown at TV advertising… Continue reading “How Digital Advertising Became The New TV For Brands”

Conferences To Attend In 2017

Here are the open marketing conferences we have on our radar for the new year! And we will continue to update this list as more conferences open up (and close) their registration throughout the year.

We hope to see you at a few of these! Continue reading “Conferences To Attend In 2017”

Are You Ready To Target Millennials?

Millennials get a lot of heat from older generations. What was that hashtag on Twitter, that backfired on baby boomers? #HowToConfuseAMillennial

Yeah, they get a lot of heat but they can handle it. And as brands take the time to focus their marketing efforts on targeted audiences some will find that there is actually a lot to love when it comes to connecting your brand to a millennial buyer.

Below are 5 tactics you need to bring to your marketing strategy if you are targeting millennials. Continue reading “Are You Ready To Target Millennials?”