Converge Wins Art Of The Pivot Award At Atlanta Startup Awards

This year, Atlanta StartUp Week took things up a notch!

Atlanta StartUp Week took place from May 8-12 and along with the events we have all come accustomed to during the five-day celebration a new event was added to the mix, an awards night, to cap off the week and celebrate the city’s most successful innovators, pioneers, and companies.

Atlanta Startup Awards

It was a night spent with nearly 200 of Atlanta’s biggest players in the startup ecosystem and a chance for businesses and the people impacting the Atlanta StartUp scene to be recognized for their work. Converge was especially excited for the event as we were nominated under the category, Art Of The Pivot and ended up taking home the award! 

The finalist for this year’s Atlanta Startup Awards:

Best Social Impact Startup: Acivilate, Goodr, LaaSer Critical Communications, Mini City, S.T.E.M. STARS, Vayando,

Scrappiest Startup: DigitalCrafts, LaBlaq Creativ, LeadUp, NeuroLex Laboratories, UNpopular Style, Urban Geekz

Top Community Builder: Michael Tavani and Dave Payne, Carlos Gonzalez and Porsha Thomas

Lifetime Achievement: Grace Fricks, Chris Klaus, Ashish Mistry

Art of The Pivot: Converge, Goodwipes, Shouty

Top Impact Player: Jen Bonnett, Katharine Mobley, Allen Nance, Dave Payne, Bridgett Rich Best B2B Startup: Gather Technologies, GreenPrint, Student Bridge, stable | kernel, UserIQ

Best B2C Startup: Hirewire, Roadie and Urban Tree Cidery

And the winners:

Best Social Impact Startup: LaaSer Critical Communications

Scrappiest Startup: DigitalCrafts

Top Community Builder: Michael Tavani and Dave Payne

Lifetime Achievement: Grace Fricks

Art of the Pivot: Converge

Top Impact Player: Dave Payne

Best B2B Startup: Customer growth platform UserIQ

Best B2C Startup: Roadie

For its inaugural year Startup Atlanta created an opportunity to bring together the stars of the Atlanta StartUp community and recognize a multitude of companies and people. The public had a chance to vote on finalists for nearly two weeks and winners were announced during the awards celebration at The Gathering Spot. 

Converge Exhibits For The Second Year At ATDC’s Startup Showcase

ATDC, The Advanced Technology Development Center is located in Midtown, Atlanta, and as Georgia’s incubator, it is the longest-running and one of the largest university-based startup incubators in the United States. 

ATDC’s annual event, Startup Showcase, took place again this year and as ATDC’s General Manager, Jennifer Bonnet told Atlanta Tech Edge, “Showcase is the marquee event (of Atlanta Start Up Week).” Showcase focuses on Georgia start-up companies who have attracted nearly $2 billion in investments and make up ATDC’s Accelerate and Signature companies as part of their technology incubator program. 

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Showcase took place on Thursday, May 11 during Atlanta Start Up Week and hosted nearly 1,000 attendees. Visitors strolled through the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center to learn about the startups who are revolutionizing industries with their technology and products in markets like healthcare, marketing, and financial technology.

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These start-ups are all located in Atlanta, Georgia as well as ATDC affiliated cities, Athens, Alpharetta, Peachtree Corners, Augusta, and Savannah. 70 Georgia companies showcased their technologies and demoed products to the Atlanta community which featured local technology leaders, students, investors, partners and other entrepreneurs at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center.

Converge At Showcase

Converge was honored to participate in Showcase as one of ATDC’s Signature Companies for the second year in a row. The Converge team took to Showcase and talked to attendees interested in learning more about marketing measurement. We illustrated how the Converge marketing technology offers something new to the marketing landscape and the industries we have impacted by providing a Marketing Analytics Dashboard that can visualize data and simplify the reporting process for social, digital and offline marketing channels.

ATDC’s 2017 Startup Showcase was a huge success! The Converge team enjoyed the time we spent talking to the community about the Converge Platform and hope we influenced how people view marketing measurement.

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