Is Filtering Online Trolls A Good Idea?

The first step in deciding what to do with an online troll is being able to identify them correctly.  Many businesses use social media as another way to connect with consumers and field customer service needs. Which means complaints might get posted on your Facebook Wall and just because a customer is unhappy does not make them a troll.

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How To Tell Your Brand’s Story Better

People will always remember a good story over a sales pitch. That is why telling your brand’s story is the best experience you can give to your future customers.

Below are a few tips we have for crafting and creating your brand story. It’s important to take the time to get it right! You want your story to be the reason potential customers take a leap into your sales funnel. Continue reading “How To Tell Your Brand’s Story Better”

3 Things We Learned About Digital Marketing From Instagram Stories

It’s been a little over a year since Snapchat’s Instagram rolled out their new feature, Stories, and Instagram has revealed that more than 300 million people are now posting to Stories every day– I think it’s safe to say this move was a good one!

But Instagram isn’t the only one who can benefit from this jump to more visual content. Marketers can learn a lot from this as well. Below are three insights that digital marketers can take away from the rollout of Stories. Continue reading “3 Things We Learned About Digital Marketing From Instagram Stories”

What Brands Can Learn From The LOCHTE-Ness PR Monster

The Olympics played out on the worlds’ largest stage but the biggest act from the past 17 days wasn’t the competition, a rivalry, or a gold medal match! Instead, it was the unexpected storyline of the Ryan Lochte Robbery that stole the show during the Rio Games.

This story comes as a good reminder as to what can happen as more and more organizations use influencers and encourage users to help create content. At the end of the day you are working with people, and what they do when they are not representing your brand cannot be controlled but there are strategies you can put in place to help mitigate the risk when you are working with them. Continue reading “What Brands Can Learn From The LOCHTE-Ness PR Monster”

How Data & Marketing Technology Have Affected PR

Do you think the use of data and marketing technology has reshaped the PR profession?

I do.

You probably can’t remember the last AD you saw on TV but you could probably tell me about the last few articles you read and the content that is being shared by friends on social media. PR has become so much more thanks to digital marketing channels and the marketing technology that makes the data behind those efforts available. Continue reading “How Data & Marketing Technology Have Affected PR”

Get Caught Up On 10 Facebook And Instagram Updates

Facebook and Instagram have had a busy summer! A time when most people have their “out of office” up and everything on autopilot both Facebook and Instagram have kept marketers and agencies on high alert with rollout after rollout.

It can be hard to keep track of everything going on so we put it all in one spot for you. Take a look below and make sure you haven’t missed anything! These are all quick synopsises of recent updates within both apps and include links to the original announcements if you want to learn even more. Continue reading “Get Caught Up On 10 Facebook And Instagram Updates”

Taking Your Analytics & Reporting Beyond Social

The marketing technology landscape has exploded. Just take a look at Scott Brinker’s supergraphic where he lists nearly 4,000 companies providing some sort of marketing technology solution in 2016.

All the marketing technology available in 2016

Being in the space ourselves (you can find Converge under Dashboards & Data Visualizations in the blue column) we understand there are a lot of options depending on what problems you are trying to solve. But what we have also realized is that so much of this marketing technology is now only focused on social analytics.

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Rob Talks About The Future Of IT At ChannelCon 2016

High-level panel discussions, intensive executive training and exceptional networking experiences with key IT influencers… that’s what ChannelCon 2016 was all about! Rob Kischuk, our CEO/Founder had a speaking opportunity during the conference that took place in Hollywood, Florida last week from August 1-3.

ChannelCon conference logo

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5 Questions To Ask When It Comes To Tracking & Reporting On Marketing Metrics

The topic of metrics comes up a lot.… But that’s not a huge surprise, as modern marketers continue to be concerned with finding the right metrics to prove their success and justify their actions.

However, implementing data gathering and reporting as just another tactic to tag onto your marketing proposal or quarterly goals is not a good idea. Tactics without a clear set of objectives and disciplined strategy are just random activities. There will be no meaning, understanding or action from the time spent tracking and reporting on metrics unless there is a clear plan in place on how and why you are investing in this.

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