Why Do Your Competitors Matter When It Comes To Personalization?

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers.

We need more followers, fans, and friends!


But if the ones you already have don’t engage with you now, how will gaining more change that? Maybe when it comes to social, we have been focusing on the wrong metrics for too long. Why yes, a steady audience increase might mean you are connecting to new people, however, that number should not make or break your social media strategy.

Personalization is THE buzzword for marketers right now, and it’s time we take social there.  Continue reading “Why Do Your Competitors Matter When It Comes To Personalization?”

What To Do When The Competition Flops

Your competitor had a slip,

It was nothing too harmful and no one was hurt but it is something that could be social media gold.

What would you do?

Send the tweet via your brand’s social media account or keep it to an internal Slack conversation? Continue reading “What To Do When The Competition Flops”