Win-Win Point-Pricing How To – The INBOUND Series

Jessica Miller, Vice President of Services for PR 20/20, explains how her company, HubSpot’s first agency partner, builds and implements services around HubSpot’s marketing automation software. Focused on B2B clientele, the PR 20/20 team often serves as a full extension of a client’s marketing team . . . and helps its clients “think through more than just marketing.”


Jessica spoke at HubSpot’s Inbound 2018 and covered the details of point pricing, where PR 20/20s clients are billed for services based on the assigned point value of that service rather than paying for the time it takes PR 2020 to deliver that service. This provides value for customers and ensures that customers do not pay for PR 2020’s inefficiencies or learning. More complex, higher cost services are broken into smaller pieces, and the pricing structure is locked onto a Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 . . .) to minimize quibbling over point values.


Originally the company based the cost per point on the volume of services a company purchased . . . the more services purchased, the lower the cost per point The purpose was to incentivize buying a “better” package, but the reality was that it priced the “little guys” out of the market. Today, the company has a flat rate of $150 per point, regardless of whether a client purchases a Basic, a Moderate, or an Enterprise package. The “incentives” now come in the form of free enhanced services and more “hand holding” for the higher point cost service plans.


PR runs a number of interesting websites which may be helpful to companies and agencies.


Jessica can be reached on Twitter @jessica_joellen or on LinkedIn at jessicajoellenmiller/.

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Conversational Marketing – The INBOUND Series

Remington Begg, Chief Remarkable Officer of Impulse Creative, runs his company according to a “compass” with four business tenets: a strong sales message, a strong marketing message, a great foundation, and design and development. Because the South Florida real estate market is “hot,” half of his team is remote—he wants to hire the best, not just what is available locally. He feels he has T-shaped employees—specialized, focused experts who can also understand and communicate with their team members who have different talents. Key to keeping the organization bound together is a body of core values: Reliability; personal, professional, and organizational growth; perseverance, a “North Star” focus, and open communication and collaboration


Impulse Creative focuses on design, development, marketing and sales, predominantly on the HubSpot platform. HubSpot provides inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Unlike traditional “Go out and get ’em ,marketing,” inbound marketing uses digital content customized to address the needs and problems of a company’s ideal customers to attract qualified prospects, build trust, and gain credibility. Remington explains it as a “methodology that is just a smart way of interacting with people and the way they buy.” Impulse also partners with the Drift conversational marketing platform.


In this interview at HubSpot’s Inbound 2018 conference, Remington discusses HubSpot’s newly introduced customer-focused marketing methodology, the “flywheel,” which is based on synergistic service, sales, and marketing. Remington feels that brand, although implicit, is a critical fourth component.


As a presenter at HubSpot’s conference, Remington spoke on, “Conversational Marketing: How to Think About It and How to Package It.” He discussed the core principles of conversational marketing: 1) conversational strategy, 2) personalized experience, 3) real-time response, and 4) a feedback loop. He emphasized that, whether using chatbot or live chat, the conversation has to feel like an individualized person-to-person communication. Reviewing recordings/transcriptions of these interactions provides a company with a rich opportunity: to discover the questions customers are asking, and then to address those questions on its website, in a video, or in content.


Remington can be reached @remingtonbegg on most social platforms, which is the best way to reach him. Agencies or HubSpot lovers can go to for unbranded HubSpot tutorials. His agency’s website is

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Networking that Works – The INBOUND Series

Anna-Vija McClain, CEO of Piccolo Marketing (Nashville, TN), serves as President of Nashville’s chapter of Women in Digital and spoke at HubSpot’s Inbound 2018 (Boston, MA) on using relationships to grow your business. Her Inbound presentation, “Networking That Works: The Proven Formula for Sales Follow-up,” covers personal branding, the “give value to get value” principle, selecting and building quality relationships with the right people, and guidelines for follow-up frequency. Anna-Vija attends networking events based on the potential for meeting either customers or partners, and recommends volunteering immediately to gain visibility. The presentation is available online at, as is a link to “Build Your Damn Business,” her online group learning community.


Anna-Vija’s company, Piccolo Marketing, functions as outsourced marketing department for small businesses with marketing budgets, but without sufficient resources for dedicated in-house marketing directors. Piccolo utilizes full time employees and small “pods” of contractors to provide personalized core services—with the objective of building lead funnels—and adds other promotional services as clients’ needs grow.


Anna-Vija does not hire to fill “slots.” She believes in hiring good people passionate about helping small businesses. She does not post jobs, but hires contractors recommended by her referral network, finds out what they are good at, trains them with the systems and training processes the company has developed, and puts them to work according to their strengths. After these contractors gain familiarity with Piccolo’s operations, they are onboarded—promoted to W-2 positions.


In this interview Anna-Vija discusses how people can find work they really love, how to make networking profitable, sexual harassment in the workplace, the necessity of providing a roadmap for your team, and “what is really working now in digital marketing.”

Anna-Vija can be reached on her company website at: or on her personal site at:

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When the Presentation “Platform” is a Stage: Speaking Your Message – The INBOUND Series

Kenny, Cofounder and CEO of ThreeSixtyEight, presented Assembly Required: Why Your Small Business Should Have An Event Strategy at the Hubspot Inbound 2018 marketing conference on September 5 in Boston. In this interview, he talks about hosting events as an outstanding way to create positive customer experiences—to pick up new clients, grow accounts, retain talent, and position your team members as leaders. Kenny also discusses the power of eye-to-eye contact and the distancing effect of the “theater effect,” when the speaker is elevated on a stage.


Kenny’s agency focuses on user experience and strategy. His Big Fish Presentations service line helps presenters and brands better present and communicate their messages. His user experience/human experience/customer experience philosophy applies not only to the website interface, but also to face to face interactions. He groups these as:

  1. the networking/customer appreciation event,
  2. the salon, featuring small workshops or a series of speakers, and
  3. the conference.

Kenny feels that the most effective agencies are those that teach their clients.


Strategy is more holistic than tactics—it is the “why” behind the tactics (e.g., I need a new website [tactic] because [the why] I need to improve my sales.)—where the “Why” may even, upon deeper investigation, reveal that a “different” tactic (e.g., improved social media conversion) may better produce the desired results. Kenny emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions up front in order to discover the whether the identified problem is merely a symptom of a larger problem.


Kenny can be contacted on LinkedIn at Kenny Nguyen, by email at, or through the company’s websites, or

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