Never-Ending Stories and Beyond

Matthew Berman, president and co-founder of Emerald Digital (New York, NY and New Orleans, LA)

Matthew Berman is President/ co-founder of Emerald Digital, a full-service data- and creative-driven digital marketing/ public relations agency that specializes in generating quantifiable leads and sales by:

  • Mapping and generating consumer-journey-stage-specific touchpoints across multiple digital channels, 
  • Developing and delivering personalized, consumer-journey-stage-specific content. 

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Deep Diving to Sell What’s Hard to Sell

Heather Isch, CEO, and President, LKF Marketing (Kalamazoo, MI)

Heather Isch is CEO and President at LKF Marketing, a B2B-focused full-service marketing communications company that specializes in working with manufacturers with complex, often highly technical products and complicated sales channels; governmental agencies working on regional economic development; and local community-focused arts organizations and nonprofits (the agency’s give-back “passion” projects).

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Calming the Chaos of Agency Operations

Karl Sakas, Agency Consultant and Executive Coach, Sakas & Company, Raleigh, NC

Karl Sakas is an Agency Consultant and Executive Coach at Sakas & Company where he consults with, coaches, and trains marketing agency owners struggling with various challenges related to their teams, their clients, and their services. His focus? To guide agency owners through risky decision-making, help them overcome constraints, enable them to grow profitably to the next level, and to make them “better bosses.”

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Innovating with Imagination and Intelligence

Paul McDowall and Catherine Clark, Founding Partners, ClarkMcDowall (NYC)

Paul McDowall and Catherine Clark were neighbors when they founded ClarkMcDowall, a 21-year-old agency that with “intelligence and imagination” architects growth for “visionary companies.” Originally starting with big clients Catherine “inherited” from her previous employer, the agency had to put in effort to bring on the startups and mid-size companies that keep an agency nimble, fresh, and entrepreneurial – where there is a higher chance of “getting stuff done.” 

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Removing Friction

Ken Magma Marshall, CGO and Managing Partner, RevenueZen (Portland, OR)

Ken Magma Marshall is Chief Growth Officer and Managing Partner at RevenueZen, an agency focused on helping high-growth-oriented B2B, SaaS, and professional service brands generate more demand and leads through SEO, content, and LinkedIn . . . to get real leads that actually convert.

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Moving Quickly

Josy Amann, Co-founder, Media Matters Worldwide (headquarters: San Francisco, CA)

Josy Amann is Co-founder at Media Matters Worldwide, an analytics-driven, brand-power-focused omnichannel media buying, and planning agency serving B2B and B2C clientele. In 2005, Josy and her co-founder left a large agency where they had been providing media buying and planning to start Media Matters – with no money and a two-pronged plan – to get their own clients and to freelance with other agencies. Their first client was a “gift” from their prior agency. Josy says referrals sustained the agency for the first ten years. In 2019, MMWW hired a leadership team to help scale the business, to be able to serve larger clients and to meet the variety of technological demands. Completely remote from day one, MMWW tripled its employees from 20 to 60 in two years – during Covid!

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Push-Pull Transformations Drive Rocket-Ship Growth

Julie Koepsell, President – North America, Horizontal Digital (Minneapolis, MN)

Julie Koepsell came into Horizontal Digital as President of the North America division in December 2020 at a time when, due to Covid, the company was “fully remote.” Horizontal Digital is a 17-year-old global, “experience forward” consultancy that puts people at the center of its efforts by creating deeper, end-to-end-connected, seamless, relevant, and personal customer relationships that boost client ROI. Because Horizontal is a boutique consultancy, clients get a “very high touch experience.”

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Capitalizing on Opportunity and Fixing What’s Broken

Ryan Frederick, Principal, AWH (Dublin, OH)

Ten years ago, Ryan Frederick, became a partner at AWH, a now 26-year-old firm that builds net new software products, solves data problems and integrates systems across platforms and products (phones, the web, Internet of Things [IoT] devices). 

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Storm Survival Strategies

Angie and Will Scott, COO and CEO and co-founders, Search Influence (New Orleans, LA)

In 2006, Angie and Will Scott, COO and CEO and co-founders, started Search Influence as a technically oriented search, social, and digital marketing agency, supported with tracking and attribution, and demonstrating value across very complex systems. Challenged at the beginning to find people with the needed skills, the agency outsourced its production work and developed an intensive training cycle and “robust” documentation for new hires. Will claims that, to this day, the agency’s internal-facing superpower is training and education. 

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