3 Resolutions Agencies Can Make In 2018

2017 was a big year for agencies! From agency and big brand shake-ups and break-ups, to the constant evolution of the industry (thanks to the introduction of new technology), to figuring how to get your clients’ messages across in more ways than ever before- 2017 was the year that would just not stop.

And as the holidays approach, maybe clients go quiet for a bit, you will finally have time to come up for air, take a deep breathe and find a second to evaluate the damages and celebrate the fact that you survived! You might be a tad bruised and battered, but 2017 didn’t knock you over.

But with that said, don’t get too comfortable, it’s already time to look ahead and start planning your strategy and agency goals for 2018. What are your resolutions? Hopes, dreams, and desires for the next year?

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If you have not had time to think about it, that’s where we want to help! Below are three things that are only going to continue to get more attention from both executives and clients alike in the new year. These are three resolutions you want to make and stick to, in order to make 2018 your best year yet.

1. Meet New People Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy

There is so much proof out there that consumers trust influencers as much as their friends, while their trust in traditional media sources continues to decline. So plan on having a very strong influencer marketing strategy in place for your clients next year.

It’s important that your agency understands how to pick the right influencers, in the right industries, for the right brands, that tap into your target audience, through the appropriate channels.

It’s not just about getting caught up and working with someone who has a lot of followers and likes; reach can only get you so far. It’s about teaming up with influencers who will resonate with your target audience and turn those likes into sales.

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2. Stop Procrastinating Fine Tune My Content Marketing

The demand for content isn’t going anywhere, in fact, the expectation for it to be better and bigger than ever before will be a common theme in 2017.

  1. Social: You can’t just automate social or push out random updates. There is a need to have a content strategy and collective voice on all social media platforms you are managing. We have talked a lot about social no longer living in the silos but instead, helping the funnel and tieing it together with the rest of your content marketing strategy.
  2. Video: LIVE is where it is at. With the rollout of Instagram Live, Twitter’s live capabilities and who knows what Snapchat will throw our way to keep up next year- it’s a huge focus for social platforms for a reason. It’s no longer about scripts and overproduced videos; it’s about giving your client’s audience something they need and want to know NOW, so they tune in and engage with your client.
  3. Mobile: I hope all the content you are producing is compatible with mobile by now. Most content is being consumed through mobile devices (and that will only continue to increase) so if engagement and views are critical to you then mobile needs to be a priority.


3. Learn A New Language Learn How To Analyze My Marketing Data

Does anything we do in marketing matter if we can’t measure it? How can we improve our content strategy or understand an influencers impact if we are not measuring to understand how marketing is affecting our clients’ bottom line.

Data will be even more important for agencies as today’s companies have a mountain of data to sift through every month, and doing so can be exhausting. Data analysis will be a skill marketers need to have and use in 2018. You need to be able to measure and analyze results to identify trends, current, and prospect consumers, and to anticipate market shifts. Insights from data will have an even greater impact in 2017 as it becomes more accessible and as new technology emerges, that makes data more usable.


Wrap It Up

2018 isn’t necessarily going to be about jumping on the new trends, using the latest technologies, or even throwing everything you have into VR and AI. 2018 is going to be about doing what you are already doing better, brushing up on those marketing skills you aren’t comfortable with and tackling those items you keep putting at the bottom of your To Do list.

Spend the next 12 months getting better results from your influencer marketing campaigns, connecting brands with their target audience through content marketing and understanding your results by using marketing data and your year will be a success!

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