Pursuing Clients Using Analytics

Pursuing A Client Using Analytics

Data has changed the way agencies pitch to new clients!

Potential clients are now able to share data easily with agencies which means agencies are able to incorporate so much more information in their new business presentations. This has enabled the pitch to become all about the client rather than agencies making it all about them by rattling off the services they provide and showcasing past client work.

Depending on your agency and the client you are going after you will look at different data points and metrics to determine opportunities and solutions. There is no need to guess anymore, you can identify the problem and provide the solution before you’re even hired!

Below we’ve broken down a few ways you can use data to learn about your next client and WOW them during the pitch.


Many people view website data as the initial indicator of how things are going. If people aren’t entering a website then that can identify a lot of problems. Or maybe there is a ton of website traffic but no one is converting. Neither is good for business and is something your agency might be called in to solve.

Gathering this data can be as simple as taking a peek into their Google Analytics account or even reviewing data from a tool that takes you closer into the user website experience like a Hotjar or FullStory.

  • Where are people getting stuck?
    • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • What could help the user experience?
    • Are people getting what they expect when they click on a tab or button?
  • What and where is their CTA?
    • Is there a clear action you want visitors to take?

Not to mention having a view of what is working lets you identify what content, buttons, and information you might want to add and do more of. 

This will also give you the chance to talk about SEO and how that can be used to improve traffic and conversion rates. Whether that is ensuring content is optimized for search or talking about creating PPC and CPC ads through search and social platforms. 

While the data might identify what is or is not working your agency still has to gain an understanding of what people are searching for when it comes to their product and industry and how you can help solve keyword opportunities through multiple approaches.

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Have you ever bought a report on a potential client’s competitor’s social performance? Even if your agency does way more than social this could be a way to get their attention and set yourself apart from your competition.

If you’re using the right marketing technology you should be able to run reports on unmanaged social accounts that can provide a breakdown of your client’s competitors social health. Use this report to show them the capabilities you have with the tools you use. This should be a central view of engagement, video views, organic vs paid impressions, community size, and top performing content across all their social platforms. As well as where data is gathered, comparable and easily digestible will give them a sense of relief that you will be able to manage everything because you have a tool that allows you to access everything in one place.

Just like you would with web analytics, use social to show the clients how you can leverage data and insights to focus on continuous improvement, highlighting things that are going well and areas that you would improve. Having these conversations where you show their social data in a platform, stacked up against itself and their competitors could also open up the conversation of how they may need better systems put in place, like the one you just showcased.

Many clients may not know how social is working for them and by giving them this analysis you just proved you do.

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Wrap It Up

If a potential client isn’t offering access to their data then make sure you are asking for access during the sales process. The sooner you have access to data the sooner you can identify opportunities and better yet offer solutions. There is no need to guess what is going on. 

With access to data, you will have confidence knowing what and where their major pain points are, that you’re speaking to them and that you can offer the fastest and most accurate path to fixing them. Now more than ever using data to win prospective clients is critical.

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