What Can Video Do For PR?

How can PR use video

From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat and let’s not forget the OG YouTube, video has now been pushed on social media, internet users, and content creators for nearly a decade and the idea that your audience is becoming video-first content consumers becomes truer every day.

Facebook has put out multiple platform updates stating that live video and video content will be favored in their algorithm. Facebook has also continued to add video formats to Instagram, and if SnapChat’s nearly 30 billion valuation isn’t proof enough that the future is video, then I am not sure what is.

So what does this mean for PR? Where tradition stands in relationships with the press and creating written press releases. How can agencies take advantage of video for their clients going forward?

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Live Streaming

A trend PR pros should be taking advantage of is live streaming. Live streaming is a video produced in real-time, allowing video viewers to watch in the moment and interact with the host as the broadcast is happening. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the platforms providing live streaming capabilities on social media today.

Live streaming is a great way to access a wider audience and get the brands your represent engaged with their consumers. Maybe you can use it to live stream a press conference, a conference your brand is hosting for their industry, or to announce a new product and provide product demos. You may have seen brands like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Samsung all use live video during their yearly conferences where they announce their new technology and products. It’s an easy way to get people outside the tech community, aka their consumers involved and excited about the products. 

Live streaming gives people access to events they may not normally have access to-this in itself creates a buzz! People want to be the first to know and live video streaming allows for people to feel like they are getting the brands news exclusively since they don’t have to wait for the big publications to write about it or news station to broadcast it. They can hear what is going on first hand and stay up to date on product information. 

Live streaming helps build the connection between brand and buyer. It’s not about creating the most perfect or edited content but the most real. It’s best used when you are giving people a view of something they would not normally have. And the added element of being able to chat and answer questions, in real-time, from viewers is even better. It makes people feel included and like they are part of the brand- and in the long haul, the investment in live video makes all the difference when it comes to purchasing decision and customer loyalty. 

Prove ROI

Another important aspect of video is the fact that is can be measured! Data is the center of marketing and brands want to know how successful their efforts are by using real numbers.

I know, some of us still hate the idea of measurement in marketing but the good news is video is one of the most engaging ways to communicate with an audience. Believe us, you will want to measure results so you can show the kind of success video brings.

The most important thing about measurement is to make sure you don’t get lazy! Don’t just us the number of views metric. Social platforms can give you so much information about your video and your audience which you can then use to make improvements in the future. 

Here is the list of some things you need to be measuring…

  • How many video views?
    •  Yes you want to know this but don’t stop there
  • How many people watched the whole video?
    • Completion rate is huge, especially because you have (or should have) a call to action to the end. People won’t know that unless they watch the whole thing. 
  • Where did people drop off or exit out of the video?
    • Is everyone clicking out of the video in the same spot? Maybe that is a sign of the video is too long or content not engaging enough? Are you giving up the good stuff too soon? 
  • How many unique views did you get?
    • Did people come back and watch again?
  • How many people subscribed to the video?
    • Do people want to keep seeing more content from you?
  • Did your audience interact with your video?
    • Many social platforms now provide chat/shares/likes/votes- did your audience participate in this? Did you respond to it? 
  • Did your audience complete the CTA (call to action)?
    • Every piece of content you produce needs to have a CTA, and a video is no different.

It’s important that you look at all these metrics so you can understand what drives the action from your video viewers and do more of that for your next video.

5 video metrics you need to be measuring

Improve Storytelling

We all know a press release can only have so much information and they aren’t always picked up by publications-I mean what is newsworthy these daysYou are almost always putting your success in the hands of another media source, and you often feel like you have to leave out a lot of the story.  Another other option for storytelling is a commercial which is expensive and the audience you are showing it to might be too broad to really get the action you need. However, when you use video to tell your story through PR, it allows you to put faces and names to a brand, gives you the chance to tell the entire story and might even motivate your audience to do something!

The best part is that you can put video in so many places. Your website, social media, send it out in an email and promote it with an ad. You can pick how and where you want to reach consumers, even what devices. Which is what you want to be able to do when you create content, repurpose it as many times as possible to expand its life to get it in front of as many people as you can.

We are not saying to use video to just read your press release but to give real-life accounts of either product, users, or the people you are helping with your product. By using video you can show the face of your product to your audience, whether they identify with that person or helping them, both can inspire people to take action based on emotional connections. A video is a powerful tool when it comes to storytelling. 

why content marketing needs PR 

Wrap It Up

Have you tapped into video yet? I am sure you have but have you really measured it to understand just how powerful of a tool it can be? Using video isn’t the secret sauce we have all been looking for. However, when you use video to tell your story and measure results you can learn a lot and truly drive some action with PR!

How else can you use video? Check out this post, How To Get Rolling With Live Video, here.

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