What PR Has Taught Us About Social

How Social Media & PR Help Each Other

We have spent time thinking about how social has changed the way we stay-in-touch, shop, share and as marketers how and why we create. But more specifically how has social shaped PR?

Thinking back to the beginning, PR pros were some of the first people to embrace social media which means they just might understand how to use it and what is coming better than any of us.

We rounded up four ways PR and social have impacted each other and what we can learn from that!

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Reach More People

We used to be so focused on B2B and B2C but maybe social has opened us up to B2P, business to people, social is a direct line to the consumer. Anyone can create a Facebook and Twitter account and start having a conversation with your brand. Consumers don’t have to wait for a press release to learn what is going on. They can see what others are saying before you get a chance to influence them first. 

With that said this means you need a strategy for PR on social. Because of social, the news is now 24/7 so you have to be able to have some control over the conversations coming your way and the story that is being told. PR specialists have thought more about the resources they have to monitor, create and maybe even change conversations that are happening about their brands on social than anyone else. Social creates a sense of insecurity because now anyone can say anything about your brand at any time but it also allows you to cut across channels and engage with individuals. And PR is the answer to being able to do the just right. 

Social Media And PR Fit Together

Some people might look at social and think it competes with PR but I think it compliments PR. The two, social media and PR can blend together so perfectly- as long as they are run correctly. It’s all about creating an engagement strategy where the PR pros can create the narrative that comes to life on social. PR is all about getting information out there and social allows you to do that in the most direct way possible. 

Agencies Have To Become More Integrated

I think if the relationship between PR and social has shown us anything it’s that agencies can no longer specialize, they need to be integrated. A consumers post or review on a social site can quickly become a headline. Now, something that social might have managed has become a brand reputation crisis that a PR professional needs to understand and have input in. An agency just managing your social may not know the best step forward. 

Social doesn’t fit into a nice box, it has jagged edges that push itself into every part of the marketing and PR circle. Social has changed PR from its role of pitching stories and news releases in hopes of being picked up by larger publications and has given PR the opportunity to create their own engaging content that will drive traffic back to their website. This means PR needs to work with content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, creative and maybe even the ad team. They don’t have to wait on another news outlet to get noticed, they can create the story themselves and social is where people will find it. 

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Social is Reputation Management

Social allows a companies reputation to be easily ripped apart or renewed. It’s where people go to write really good things or really bad things. In fact, social is now what people use to compare purchasing decisions and where they are influenced to make a purchase.

Social is where a brand’s reputation will live or die and if you are a part of a brand’s PR team you need access to it. Companies can’t afford to ignore what is or isn’t being said on social, which makes PR an important part of social. Your brand’s reputation is no longer easily protected, it can be hung out to dry for the world to see in a click of a button but if PR has a part in social and vise-versa then you can assure your reputation is being monitored and managed correctly. 

Wrap It Up

Have you ever thought about social like this before? PR?

You can tell the brands and the companies who are doing it right and unfortunately, when a crisis happens you can also tell who is doing it wrong. I believe social makes PR stronger which then makes your brand’s reputation strong which unifies your team and maybe even increases sales or better yet loyalty. And who can argue with that?

Now, take what you have learned about social media and PRs roles and apply it to other aspects of you PR and marketing strategies!

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