Coaching Digital Marketing Agencies to Boost Profits and Agency Growth

Jason Swenk, Digital Marketing Agency Advisor, Coach, and Mentor, provides a comprehensive framework to expedite agency growth and life-cycle agency management. In this podcast, he covers:

  • Vision: Where do I want to go and why do I want to do that? The importance and application of passion, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Position: Why specialize in one client-focused niche, master it, and then port that knowledge to other niches.
  • Defining your Offering: What are you offering and what is your price? Radical thoughts on pricing strategies that will maximize profits?How to figure out what to charge, when, and why it really isn’t about the money.

Jason also defines the critical mass for selling your agency at a profit, why you should say “No” to Earn-Outs, and how to handle RFPs and get the contract . . . at the right price.

To learn more about Jason’s online agency system training program for scaling your agency and increasing profits, go to: or google “Swenk It”.

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Focus, Influencer Marketing, and the Road to Authenticity

Danica Kombol, President of Everywhere Agency, talks about the impact of personal storytelling on brand-building and future purchase behaviors and highlights an opportunity many companies miss when they hire influencers to talk about the products/brands they love: that brands, trapped in a traditional “slick” advertising mindset, fail to repurpose the gorgeous, visually-rich, more authentic influencer-created content. Danica also discusses the importance of knowing the business you want to be in, staying in those lanes, and opting out of what you don’t want to do.

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Mapping an Intensive Digital Strategy, Tracking KPIs in the Funnel, and Using Facebook to Drive Customer ROI

Nathan Taitt, CEO of Blueprint Digital, based in Atlanta, GA, discusses his company’s use of integrated digital, multi-channel lead generation strategies for his service-industry customers. He believes that:

1) Facebook can play a key role at all funnel levels,

2) Establishing funnel-stage KPIs facilitates customer expectation management, and

3) On the leadership side, the employee and top line revenue numbers say little about a company’s success.

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Legal Marketing Challenges & Opportunities in Social and Digital Marketing

Guy Alvarez, recovering attorney and Founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Good2bSocial, a full service digital marketing and social media consulting agency, provides a brief overview of effective social marketing strategies in the “legal” niche market. Good2bSocial’s clients include some of the largest law firms in the world, as well as consumer-focused law firms, ad agencies for clients with law-associated interests, and other professional services companies.

Guy can be reached on his company website:, by email at: Guy@, or you can follow him on Twitter (@GuyLaw1313).

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How Amazon Revolutionized Buyer Communication and Brick & Mortar Shopper Habits

Eric Heller, founder of Marketplace Ignition (Atlanta, GA) exposes how Amazon changes how brands “speak” to customers, the reason for the phenomenal growth of digital brands, and the algorithms that determine what you see when you search Amazon for a product. Eric raises the question, “What is the value of a dollar spent on Amazon?” and explains how that dollar can affect brick-and-mortar (off-Amazon) brand-selection decisions

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Sweet Strategies to Merge and Grow in the “Small” Client World

Kraig Guffey, Founder and Strategic Director of Atlanta-based Syrup Marketing, provides insights into successful merger and company growth strategies for firms working with smaller clients. He suggests that merges can be effected most effectively when companies have compatible leadership and cultures, are of similar size, and serve the same or similar customers with complementary, adjacent client needs. He notes that a good merge can result in explosive growth, which is better accommodated through process, rather than through adding staff. Other critical factors for managed and sustainable growth include defining the market your company will serve, right-sizing the business to serve that chosen market, and identifying companies qualified to meet the needs of potential clients who fall outside of your chosen market.

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Email’s Digital Revolution: eCRM, Interactive Inboxes, and the Power of Buyer Opt-in

Simms Jenkins, Founder and CEO of BrightWave Marketing, talks about how email, once considered passé in marketing circles, has morphed into a powerful tool for reaching a company’s targeted “warm” audience, enhancing user experience, facilitating cross-channel synchronization, providing measurable results, and boosting bottom-line ROI. Simms is the author of The Truth about Email Marketing, which is available on Amazon at:

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Visionary Social Goals Triple the “Army”

Jeff Hilimire, co-founder and CEO of Dragon Army (Atlanta, GA), a mobile and innovation company that works with large companies to navigate emerging marketing channels, talks about the impact a company philosophy can have on its employees, its clients, and the larger world. Jeff defines the purpose of his company as: “to inspire happiness,” and his personal vision as: “to make this world a better place.” He aspires to build “a company that has heart and does more for its team members and employees than any other company.” The result of his unique brand of leadership: Dragon Army has tripled in the last year.

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BHAG-ing Smaller Clients into Big Time Growth

Jake Tanner, of Digital Hyve (Syracuse, New York) explains how Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal-setting, clearly-defined core values, local-market-focused concierge marketing, and enlightened leadership coaching set up his full service digital marketing agency for three-year “hockey-stick” growth in a mid-sized college town.

Episode Transcript:

Rob: Welcome to the Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast. I’m your host, Rob Kischuk, and I’m excited to be joined today by Jake Tanner, co-founder of Digital Hyve, based in Syracuse, New York. Welcome, Jake.

Jake: Hey, how are you?

Rob: I’m doing great. How about you?

Jake: Good. Good.

Rob: Excellent.

Jake: I’m—recovering from last night. I’m a big—I was into gaming when I was younger and I watched the Drake and someone else break that Twitch record last night, if anyone knows what that is.

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Do your marketing campaigns “drop the ball”? Unifying Sales and Marketing teams to optimize lead conversion

Brandon Pindulic, founder of OpGen Media, a full-funnel, performance-based demand generation agency, addresses how to boost sales through deep funnel sales-process management strategies, including process design, prospect-to-closing lead nurturing activities, and full sales-cycle marketing campaign implementation.

For our listeners, OpGen Media is generously offering 2 wonderful and useful free resources:

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