Mythbusting—Why Old-School SEO Fails to Deliver

Jason Berkowitz, Digital Marketer, and CEO of Break The Web (New York), explains the trap of old-school search engine optimization, the difficulty in capturing and analyzing SEO ROI, and the continuing evolution of  SEO and its follow-on, conversion rate optimization (which measures post-search user engagement.)


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Rob: Welcome to the Marketing Agency Leadership podcast. I’m your host Rob Kischuk and I’m excited to be joined today by Jason Berkowitz, CEO of Break The Web. Welcome Jason.

Jason: Hi. Thank you, Rob. Thanks for having me.

Rob: Yeah, great to have you here. Why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit about Break The Web and what the agency is great at?

Jason: So, our company, Break The Web, is primarily good at SEO; that’s my personal expertise, Search Engine Optimization. We actually have another label called SEO Services New York which ranks very well organically on Google. But Break The Web is a full service marketing agency. We do a lot of paid advertising, like Adwords and PPC, our social media marketing, whether on Facebook or Instagram, we do some PR and also some conversion rate optimization; that’s really some of the big dives that we have taken towards end of 2017 and as we’re starting 2018.

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