Are You Tricking Or Treating Your Audience On Social?

What would it take to be a brand your audience wants to listen to on social?

When is the last time you thought about what your audience would want rather than what your boss expects, the numbers you have to hit, or what your competition is or is not doing?

With personalization being so important right now, marketers need to continue to ask themselves, 

What does my audience want and what do they expect? 

and apply this question to every part of their marketing strategy including social. Afterall social is just that, social, it’s not called selling for a reason. Continue reading “Are You Tricking Or Treating Your Audience On Social?”

30 Social Tests To Run In April

Have you noticed how social platforms are constantly updating and changing and always improving?

Can you say the same about your own social content…

There might be a correlation between your poor social results and the fact that you are not testing anything! And we want to help you with that. We just created a free e-book giving your 30 tests to run on your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter account and we are challenging you to do on test a day in the month of April.

Below is a peak as to what you will find in the e-book. Continue reading “30 Social Tests To Run In April”

How To Use Snapchat And Instagram Stories To Engage Your Audience

As a business, you have probably spent a lot of time, money and resources building an app you hope people want to use. But what if instead of trying to create something new, to change people’s habits, begging them to explore your products and brand over here– why don’t you go to where your audience already hangs out?

Instagram and Snapchat are two apps we think you can experiment with. Why? 

It makes sense to invest in these social media platforms, especially if your audience is already on Instagram and Snapchat and if you are B2C- then there is no reason you wouldn’t be on here. So what has been holding you back from exploring these platforms before? Was it time? Talent? An understanding of what this can do for your overall business? Continue reading “How To Use Snapchat And Instagram Stories To Engage Your Audience”

Last Minute Super Bowl Ad & Engagement Ideas That Don’t Cost $5 Million

Here in Atlanta, there isn’t much else anyone is talking about but the Super Bowl happening in just a few short days.

I mean no big deal but we even got Ellen to notice us!

Ellen's tweet to Atlanta for Super Bowl tickets

Sadly, I am not the winner of the tickets but I still have good news. You don’t need to spend $5 million dollars on a Super Bowl ad to take advantage of the hundreds of millions of people watching on Sunday.

Really good news since it might be a tad late to participate with an ad but thanks to social and mobile there are still plenty of ways to get your brand in the game.

All three stats below are from a article and prove just how accessible the Super Bowl audience is to you. All you have to do is join the conversation!

So let’s talk about how you can do that… Continue reading “Last Minute Super Bowl Ad & Engagement Ideas That Don’t Cost $5 Million”

4 Things You Need To Do To Take Social Out Of The Silos

We have watched social media marketing evolve! It used to be a job passed off to interns, and now it has become the backbone of nearly everything we do in marketing. So why is it that social still lives in its own world? How can we let something so important, something that touches nearly everything else we are doing, work on its own?

The answer is we can’t

To have an effective and impactful marketing strategy, social can no longer be cut off from everything else we are doing within the organization. When social is in the silos you aren’t able to maximize your marketing efforts and create an engaging experience for customers. It’s when social is the thread running through everything you are doing you will see your best results.  Continue reading “4 Things You Need To Do To Take Social Out Of The Silos”

Will Social Attribution Solve Social Measurement Flaws?

As marketing technology has improved we are starting to see, understand and analyze the impact social is having on our businesses and through this evolution, a new marketing buzz word has blossomed…

Attribution. Social attribution to be more specific. Continue reading “Will Social Attribution Solve Social Measurement Flaws?”

5 Lies About Social Media Marketing

Can you imagine the world without social media?

Social media has made a very permanent place in our everyday life, marketing strategies, and budgets so it’s essential that we don’t feel led on or have unrealistic expectations of what can happen when we take our marketing efforts to a social platform.

Below are five common traps marketers fall into when using social media. Continue reading “5 Lies About Social Media Marketing”