15 Skills Atlanta Marketers Gained From The Growth Marketing Conference

15 Skills Atlanta Marketers Gained From The Growth Marketing Conference

Growth Marketing Conference made it to Atlanta, despite Irma, and Converge was in attendance.

The conference was filled with digestible, actionable content that inspired you to get back to work. It made you realize your problems are what          e v e r y o n e faces and that means there are solutions for them- no matter if you’re a start-up, agency or part of an enterprise company. You just have to get out of your own way!

I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to attend the next one headed to your city. But below I broke down my favorite piece of advice of each speaker’s presentation and what I am taking away from it.

1. Moving Up Fast: The Secret To Rapid Growth And A Big Exit

The major takeaway for me from Nathan Latka’s talk was about using your competition to find your next customer. He asked us to think about our biggest competitor that is double or triple our price point and then to go after their churn. You know that those customers are willing to pay since they were just paying more for it, you know you are offering the same (if not better) product and better yet you know they have a problem you can solve. 

2. Your 5-Point Blueprint For Building A Successful Growth Framework

During Sujan Patel’s presentation, he stressed the importance of making time for new ideas. He talked about a Google Doc that his entire marketing team has access to and is expected to add new ideas to each week. Then once a month they plow through them and pick a few to execute based on current paint points and problems they are trying to solve.

3. Actionable How-To: Creating A Company-Wide Growth Culture

Thibault Imbert from Adobe went through 11 things he learned while creating the free tool Adobe Spark. Tip nine stood out to me; he said never forget qualitative research. Meaning it’s easy to obsess over the data, numbers, and insights but then we forget to study our audience- the users, the most important part. Data will never tell you how people feel while using your product and that is something you can’t forget to do yourself.

4. 1 The Ultimate Growth Marketing Tool Stack

Dan McGaw talked about five tools that will change your marketing stack. I think the important thing to remember when it comes to marketing tools is that there are thousands and thousands, so you need to pick tools based on their integration capabilities. Everything is connected these days and tools that integrate with each other are essential for your growth.

5. 7 Ways To Get Your Sh!t Together (GYST) On Social Media

Heather Dopson from GoDaddy stressed the importance of providing valuable content on social and delivering that through video. And the good news it this video SHOULD NOT BE OVER PRODUCED she spilled this great tip, when your audience sees a produced video they automatically see it as a commercial and stop listening. Your video content should be authentic not a production.

6. The Secret To Mobile Search Domination Revealed

From SEMRush, Maryna Hradovich said it’s time to optimize for voice search. There are estimates that in three years 30-50% of searches will be voice, so you need to start thinking about that right now.

7. Blitz-Scaling Your Account Based Programs

Local Atlanta startup Salesloft had their VP of Marketing, Kevin O’Malley explaining the value of account based strategies for growth. He stressed the importance of sales and marketing working together; he called this orchestration. Many people say sales and marketing need to be aligned, but he took it a step further saying they need to playing together, like an orchestra to see real growth.

8. Funnel Automation: 3 Workflows That Engage Your Audience & Supercharge Your Sales

Identify Labs CEO, Clayton Wood had the best advice about website and landing page popups- STOP triggering your 15% off coupon pop up within the first 5 seconds of entrance! That is the wrong time to give someone a coupon; they just landed on your site, they don’t need that yet and then when they do they can’t find it. Have it pop up in the right place, like when they click into their shopping cart!

9. 6 Winning Customer Journeys That Wow And Convert

Guy Marion talked about the customer life cycle: acquire, nurture, grow. We often forget about the grow piece. How can we get a basic level customer to upgrade? What does that support look like? How can you get people using your product more? Paying customer doesn’t mean they are committed for life (or even for the next month), you need to ensure they are actively engaging with your product and if they aren’t, find out why.

10. Closing The Viral Loop: How To Get Millions Of Users In Less Than A Year

Do you have a referral or reward program? Savvas Zortikis and Theo Moulos think that’s the key to gaining lots of customers quickly. Their piece of advice, don’t call a referral program “refer a friend” instead give them better names like ambassador, so people feel more important and like they have a real role in your brand.

11. Hacking SEO: Simplest Changes, Maximum Impact

How did Asad Zulfahri from Zapier see a 150% spike in traffic? By spending a few weeks doing a content refresh. The marketing team made sure all content was relevant for today, and the best part is the spike in traffic hasn’t dropped.

12. Growth Marketing Is For Enterprises Too: Why Integrating Your Product, Influencer, Content, And PR Strategies Makes All The Difference

Amy Harry from Delta and Ariel Yoffie from IBM both agree that just because they work for larger, fortune 500 companies doesn’t mean marketing gets an unlimited budget. They started with scrappy teams as well and have had to justify everything they need. Don’t be afraid to pitch a budget increase to C-Level Executives. 

13. Building Your Dream Team: Essential Steps To Hiring World-Class Marketers 

No one really talks about the struggles of hiring the right team but everyone has this problem. Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, thinks we should, because a bad hire costs you at least $50,000 each time. 

It’s important to keep interview questions situational. Do you want a marketer who has a thirst for learning and trying new things? Ask them what podcasts and blogs they listen to even the last book they read. Get them to be specific and if they dodge around the details, dig in or move on to your next applicant!

14. Social Media Giveaways: How To Get 1000s Of Leads Without Breaking The Bank

Derric Haynie talked a lot about the activation part of the growth funnel. Many times we skip over that and are so focused on the acquisition, that we haven’t figured out how we are going to get our audience to look at us in the first place. 

15. Growth Lessons From Rosetta Stone, Golden State Warriors, And GoDaddy

Heather Dopson and Dennis Yu swear all you need is one-dollar-a-day to succeed with Facebook ads. It’s true! And if that theory doesn’t work for you that means you are targeting the wrong audience and are producing the wrong content. If you can understand how to use all of Facebook’s targeting features (like uploading an email list and lookalike audiences) and are producing valuable content, then there is no reason a-dollar-a-day can’t help you achieve your marketing goals.

Wrap It Up

And for an extra tidbit of advice from, Heather Dopson,  “Life is like a taco, it’s filled with plenty of great stuff, but it can fall apart at any moment.” The same can be applied to marketing. Don’t let your fear of getting messy, maybe even falling apart keep you from creating something delicious!

Don’t forget to check out where Growth Marketing Conference is headed next!