Can Social Data Impact Your Content Marketing Decisions?

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In an effort to help marketers understand why brands need to make social a part of everything they are doing (rather than keeping it isolated) I wanted to deep dive into the information your social data can reveal about your content marketing strategy.

Many brands actually use the Converge Marketing Dashboard for their content marketing strategy. Even though they might be pulling data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest they are finding that by diving into their social data they are able to make better decisions about the direction of their content strategy. Social makes it easy to run tests, learn about your audience and understand what is and is not working for the content you are producing. 

Below is how you can use social data to answer 5 important content questions…

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1. What Headlines Get People To Click?

Headlines draw people’s attention for different reasons. Maybe you are asking a question? Answering one? Proving someone or something a success or failure? No matter what the reason, it is important to learn what attracts your audience to click on a link and social is a great place to test different ways and get those answers. 

It’s also important to remember that different things work for different social networks- even different digital platforms. Twitter limits just how much you can say, Facebook gives you a lot of room to tease and maybe on Instagram all you need is a hashtag or a picture of a quote from the content to get noticed. 

To test what works on each platform we suggest using the same piece of content and writing 5 different headlines (or even images) for each social platform you want to share to it on and start posting it. Yes, you can argue time of day impacts what gets clicks but if you are that worried then create an Ad. Keep everything within the ad the same: demographics, budget, language CTA, graphic but change the headline (or image) and see what gets people clicking. 

2. What Content Gets People To Share?

There is a difference between sharing and clicking. I click and read a lot of stuff on social but I only share the really special pieces. Think of your own habits on social, what makes you share something? Where are you sharing it and how? The content that gets a lot of traction is normally the polarizing pieces- do you really agree with something and someone found a better way to say than you would or you do really disagree? See what content gets your followers to share and if that is the kind of engagement you are looking for (some people just want clicks, they don’t care about shares) then replicate that content and the headline that got them clicking into the piece in the first place. 

how to study the competition on social media

3. Who Is My Audience? 

Social has so much information about so many different people. I mean think about, there is no way you have the same amount of people using your brand’s app as Facebook does. Social is where you need to go to learn who your content is connecting with because they tell you. You can what gender, age range, location, the language they speak, even their education and job title. Or maybe you know just who your audience is but you aren’t sure when or where they are finding your content. Social makes it easy to track all of that! You can then compare the people reading your content to your true target audience and see if you are connecting with the people who might make a purchase.

4. What Is My Audience Reading? 

The cool thing about social is you can go to your follower’s page and see what other interests they have. Are they sharing your competitions news, are the retweeting something from them? Are they reposting any images? What brands are they talking to? What is getting them engaged? Nowadays marketing dashboards are so encompassing you can even track unowned (pages you don’t have access to) social pages to analyze and use that to make better decisions about your content as well. 

5. What Content Do You Need To Make More Of? 

If you are using social data to help guide your content strategy then this probably is not a question you have any more! When you gather social data and start monitoring your audience’s behavior it is so easy to see who is engaging with what. You can compare posts on the same social networks or different ones. You can produce the same piece of content but in two different formats- maybe a live webinar vs live video and test which gets more viewers. You can see if your target audience is actually the people clicking on your content and start to look for patterns in pieces that get a high number of shares. The direction you take your content marketing does not have to remain a question if you are willing to invest in social data!

Facebook metrics to measure

Wrap It Up

By no means are we saying to only use social data to make content marketing decisions, we are saying that making decisions without using social data will leave a lot of your findings incomplete. To get the whole picture of how your content marketing strategy is working you need to be plugged into all the channels you are promoting your content on, whether that’s web, email or social- and luckily all that data can be made available!

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