What You Might Have Missed During Holiday Planning

Double check your holiday marketing campaigns

For some people, it might feel a little late to be talking about holiday planning and for others too soon. 


But when it comes to goal tracking, marketing measurement, and analytics you can never be too late.

Which leads us to wonder if those are the things that might have been overlooked while putting together those digital holiday campaigns. The good news is you can start doing all these today and because of that fact alone, in our eyes at least, your holiday campaign will be a success!

What Are Your Goals?

A lot of times we get so excited about a new project, coming up with the ideas, the execution, the budget, the approval needed, that we forget what the actual purpose is. But this is the most important part! You will never know whether your holiday campaign was successful or not unless you set goals ahead of time.

SMART Marketing Goals

Is your goal to increase sales? Leads? Brand awareness? Does your team understand and know the campaign’s goal or is it just another cool idea? They need to see the impact you are going to make within your business, as well as the marketing metrics you are going after with this campaign.

Do You Measure Your Goals?

Goals mean nothing unless you measure them! Ensure that your digital media campaign is trackable. If you have avoided marketing metrics all year, it is NOW time to put analytics first.

In this holiday season, we will see marketers paying to be a part of social media. Which means more people will be competing for ad space and clicks across digital and therefore more significant budgets are to be spent on advertising. Now more than ever, justifying your costs across digital marketing is going to be huge. You are going to need a tool that lets you measure everything and easily compares how different channels and platforms are performing.

Remember measurement shouldn’t stop when the holidays are over. The tool you decide on will need to outlast Christmas and should be something the entire team likes. Analysis is going to need to rule the planning process for future strategies and will help identify the progress you are making towards your marketing goals all year long. 

Are Results Being Tied To Revenue?

As much we like to talk about reach, impressions, and engagement what are those things adding up towards? We can’t collect engagement numbers and pay bills with that, so as marketers we shouldn’t stop with those metrics.

This is the season for marketers to understand and attribute business results to what they’re doing digitally. It all comes back to ROI. How much did you have to spend to make a sale? 

4 Ideas

Here a few more last-minute strategies to throw into the mix for your holiday campaign! We have learned a lot about digital marketing this year and here are four things you should continue to utilize this holiday season. 

  1. Social channels are helping to speed up the process from when the audience sees an ad to when they purchase by giving marketers better and stronger CTA buttons.
  2. Influencer marketing has been huge this year, and for the holidays it will be no different. Users want a more personalized experience, and influencer marketing can give them that. This could be your fastest and most cost-effective attribution method.
  3. If you are still caring about follower count, then you must have been under a rock this past year. Don’t put any more of your budget into increasing followers or being someone’s suggested followers. Use that budget to promote content to your followers and generate engagement from them. 
  4. Keep engagement high by utilizing social for customer service. Ensure that every question and comment is being addressed on social media. Don’t leave people hanging and feeling ignored, they have a lot of money to spend from now until Christmas Eve, and you can help them do that by noticing them when they ask you to.

Wrap It Up

The exciting part about digital marketing is that we have the chance to gauge and impact people’s online behaviors better than ever before. All you have to do is have the right marketing tools to do so!

Whether your objectives are to reach people for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales or to stay in front of consumers all season long, there are so many insights that can be gained when you set goals, measure and understand your ROI.

Need help measuring your holiday campaign? Whether it be social, digital or offline sources, Converge has a marketing dashboard that connects all your data in one place. Learn more here.

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