F8: Where We SEE Social Going

Facebook's F8 Conference Recap

From Snapchat calming to be a camera company to Facebook deeming the camera as the first AR tool, social is headed in one obvious direction, sight.

When I think of where social came from, it was often a place you used to share past events. You posted pictures at places you had already been to, maybe announced your baby girl took her first steps and let people know you had moved away. Now, social is in real time. From live video, to the ability publish pictures and stories as your life is happening (and the expectation to do it) combined with everything we just learned from F8- social platforms not only want to be a part of everything you are doing they want to see everything you are doing. 

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Facebook’s plan for its augmented reality developer platform is laying the groundwork to prove that they weren’t just “copying” Snapchat but will take the AR selfie masks you are wearing to a whole new level. A place where you can overlay information on real world objects and to do this Facebook will have to see everything you see. This could mean putting a restaurant’s Yelp review on the outside of their window, to being able to read about the artist who created a piece of art hanging on their wall and then maybe purchasing it (or if you ask Facebook, see AR art) to sitting at the restaurant’s table and being able to play a game of chess even though you didn’t physically bring any of the pieces. If you think your current world is filled up with Facebook posts, likes and shares then wait till you enter this AR world they plan on building.

Facebook won’t just see the things you currently share but everything you are doing because you will be experiencing from either a camera or pair of glasses they built. They will soon understand how a person spends their entire day, what information they want and need from a brand and the places you go (and maybe even why). They won’t just know your exact location but potentially even influence where you go next. I don’t think there is a currency more value then the data Facebook will have on everyone if their AR dreams come true. 

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Some Of Their New And Far Out Features

  • AI-Powered Analytics– AI can now scan your Facebook Insights and show you what your highest performing content is and changes you should make. This will help businesses understand the New Feed and how they can influence their presence on Facebook.
  • Frame Studio– Make your own (flower crown) filters and add them to your pictures. The best part is no coding is required just a lot of phone battery!
  • Spaces– This is Facebook in VR. You can hang out in a virtual room where you can chat, draw, make videos and phones calls and of course take VR selfies with other people. This is when Oculus comes in and where Facebooks see families and friends who live all over the world hanging out. Remember they are all about community!
  • Instagram Offline Mode– You can now use Instagram offline and all the things you liked and loaded will be added when you reconnect.  
  • Surround 360 Cameras – Facebook still wants you to make 360 and 3D videos. Remember videos is the future of Facebook and by inventing these cameras they can ensure people will do this sooner rather than later.
  • Work Bots on Workspace– This is Facebook’s response to Slack where you can integrate services like Salesforce and file sharing and now chat with bots.
  • Group Bots–  Messenger bots are now available in group conversations on Messenger.
  • Direct-Brain-Computer Interface Typing – Facebook revealed it was working on a way for your brain to “click” on the answer rather than needing a screen to do some. This is a part of the bigger AR plan.
  • Hearing Through Your Skin– This will help Facebook’s hearing impaired users by allowing them to covert sound vibrations felt on the skin into frequencies your brain would understand.

Wrap It Up

Will there be a day when I turn to my kids and say “I remember when Facebook had a text box”? Facebook sure thinks so. Video is definitely their focus going forward and they want to be the ones creating the world and the tools you use to get there. The way they plan to use this technology is pretty remarkable and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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