The Not So Obvious Reasons To #Hashtag

what more could you be doing with hashtags

Your ability to influence and steer a conversation about your client’s brand is just one of the many talents you are expected to have. Not to mention the 24/7 monitoring and its even better if you can predict what is going to be said next, yeah no pressure. When you get past the shock of what’s expected of your agency you’ll remember that maybe some of this is possible after all.

But how?

Head to social! Social media is the place where trends start. From memes, videos, posts- you can find out what’s trending just by logging into a social site and better yet, using a hashtag to help you digest everything that is happening on these social platforms. 

It’s pretty amazing how quickly hashtags have taken over and how well they fit into our social world. Hashtags can be used to follow conversations, create a trending topic, easily connect groups, and maybe the best thing about hashtags is that you can use them across all social platforms.

Even though hashtags have become an essential part of branding, it doesn’t mean everyone understands them or even uses them efficiently. 

So how can your agency use hashtags to help the brands you manage? 

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Social Listening

If you are working with a brand, they are going to want you to understand how their audience perceives them and hashtags can make that easier to do. However, You will need some sort of marketing technology that allows you to track hashtags and sentiment but the information and knowledge you will gain is worth the investment. 

By tracking hashtags for sentiment, which is the overall attitude of the post (positive, negative or neutral), you can keep a pulse on how content is perceived by the brand’s audience. This is important because we all know how quickly things can get out of hand. You and your team could have looked at something 500 times and missed how it could offend someone, but it takes one user on Twitter to turn it into something. But at the same time, this can be used to understand how quickly an influencer with a positive sentiment can help clear the air and propel the brand’s product (and image) into stardom. Both are things you want to be aware of and use to steer a conversation going forward, even if it means changing it. 

Hashtags are also a good way to measure the level of interest and even the demographics of the people using it. By tracking a hashtag,  you can start to learn some things about the people responding, retweeting and helping it trend. It’s a way to keep track of conversations and congregations around a brand. The best part is all information you gather will help you create more effective campaigns in the future.

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Reach A Wider Audience

A prime reason noted above to use hashtags is due to their ability to include a variety of people in on a conversation. Hashtags encourage conversation and engagement which is gold in the social world. That’s why as a brand you want to be careful about creating your own. First of all, if your social audience isn’t that big, no one will ever know about your branded hashtag and second of all branded hashtags aren’t used as much as organically created hashtags aka ones the consumer comes up with. People may tag the brand in the post, or check into a location but when it comes to a hashtag, they aren’t going to #thebrandname. 

This especially comes into play if you are working with an influencer. You will notice they won’t specifically hashtag the brand’s name (while they still might include an #ad). They will tag it and maybe include other hashtags like:

  • #ootd
  • #shopinsta
  • #style
  • #texasfashon
  • #potd

They too are looking to be part of a conversation and they know they can’t do that by making up their own hashtag or tagging the brands they are wearing or using because not as many people are taking part in that. 

However, you don’t want to become a hashtag spammer by hashtag-jacking. Some people (and brands) will jump into a trending hashtags conversation and post a message/picture/video that has no connection to this hashtags content. It’s a total brand turn-off and not something you want to take part in. Avoid hashtag spamming at all costs. Make sure the content tied to the hashtag is relevant and moves the conversation forward because it has meaning! Not because a bunch of other people are using it. 

Wrap It Up

Why yes, some people only use hashtags in hopes of being found and getting more likes it’s important to do research and use hashtags with a purpose for your client(s)! When you are deliberate in your use of hashtags they can become game changers! It’s just another way to learn more about their audience, increase their chances of going viral (for all the right reasons) and maybe even gain a few new customers.

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