Are These 5 Features On Your Marketing Dashboard?

Marketing Dashboards

As easy as it is to access social media, the answers behind your marketing efforts can often seem like they are hidden. It’s kind of like when you are searching for a light switch in the dark. You know it’s there, you know you need it to keep going, but it can take a few tries to find that switch. That’s where a dashboard comes in. A dashboard can help shine some light on your marketing success and give your social media investments some credibility.

With that said, dashboards offer a lot of different capabilities, below are the top 5 features we think you should look for.

1. All-In-One-Monitoring: All your Marketing Data In One Place

You don’t want to be logging in and out of every social media site to get the numbers you need. You don’t want to be manually gathering the data yourself. You definitely don’t ever want to wonder what posts are gaining traction with your audience. Which have the most shares? With a dashboard, you can view and analyze everything from posts, pins, images, and video engagement across multiple channels in one place. Track post volume over any period of time and easily display top and bottom performing content. Run side by side comparisons and gain insight into trending conversations, people and topics impacting your business in real time. Literally everything you ever wanted to know can be seen right there!

2.Reliable Data: Accurate And Trustworthy


The process of gathering data from social media, as well as knowing what data you can gather, differs for each channel. By using a dashboard, all the social media data you can have access to is automatically and accurately pulled into a central location. The ability to have everything in one place is convenient but having trustworthy data is so important. Data-driven decision making is the future of marketing and you want your metrics to correctly reflect the work you have put into all your social channels.

3. Flexibility: Attack Hard Marketing Problems Without Fear

Once you have become comfortable with your analytics you will eventually want to measure something that is not offered in your basic dashboard set up. Maybe you want to measure more than just social? Have you thought about adding your other digital or offline marketing channels too? Or maybe you want to compare your brand’s posts with a competitor? Find a dashboard that is willing to add these features when you are ready. Social media is always changing and so are the metrics we measure.

4. Focused on Results: Have A Conversation With Numbers, Spend Less Time Interpreting Them

Now that you know you have access to accurate data, it’s time to get those reports your boss has been asking for. Remember, reporting should help everyone do their job better. You should be able to display data in multiple ways, easily import it into excel and it’s even better if it’s delivered right to your inbox. You should not be spending time cleaning up data or fighting platform exports. Your reports should focus on adding value, measuring the results of your social media and showing the connection between budget, resources and impact.

5. Collaborative: Collaboration Is Key To Success

One of the biggest advantages of a dashboard is it gives you more time to work with the teams and people who manage these social media accounts. Now that everything is located in a central place you can ensure everyone is looking at the same data all the time. This helps answer a lot of those “So how is it going…” questions and gives you the tools needed to work together effortlessly and effectively. Most dashboards give you as many logins as needed and understand multi-user permissions is a must, so everyone sees what they need to.

Wrap It Up

Essentially, a dashboard makes social media management easier! Most dashboards are going to give you great tools, but these five features are going to save time and help solve your marketing problems. Are these features on your current dashboard? Which ones have had the biggest impact on understanding your ROI on social media? 

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