Why Data Visualization Matters To Marketers

data visualization is a powerful tool

The good marketers start with research and gather data that supports their message. The best know it’s what they do with it from there that matters the most.

When you have the right marketing analytics tool that visualizes data you can give data meaning, make data flexible and integrate it with other data systems. That data could be from social, digital or offline channels and sources could include customer satisfaction surveys, TV ratings, Facebook Insights, product reviews, Google Analytics and much much more.

Data can easily be gathered, put it one place, and made comparable and understandable through visualization

1. Help Explain The Why (Or Why Not)

There is pretty much a blog post, statistic, and e-book for every reason you should or should not be doing something with your marketing. The only way to know if it’s right for your strategy is to test ideas and track results with data.

When you have a marketing analytics tool that automatically visualizes the data you are gathering it is easy to perform quick tests to see if there is a new channel or tool you need to explore (or should stay away from). By viewing data visually in a dashboard, you are able to give data meaning and context because it easy to explain why you are putting time and money into something.

2. Understand Your Story

Visualization gives you the opportunity to better understand your brand’s story because it helps tell your story. By turning data into a visual representation on a dashboard you can cut out unnecessary content, people aren’t taxed with having to read and are freed up to digest the important visuals and engage with the data from there.

Data also makes it easier to ask new questions and better yet, find the answers as questions arise. Before there were marketing analytics tools, it could take analysts days or weeks to find solutions to new questions when comparing marketing channels or running tests. Now, with data visualization tools, data is gathered automatically and formatted in a way that can answer whatever questions may come up. 

3. Make Data Interactive


With data visualization, you can interact with your data the way you want. Through a dashboard, you are able to layer data sources that matter most to your brand as many marketing analytics tools don’t limit you just to social data. Now you can add sources you might have thought were incomparable and put it all on the same dashboard- making is easier to analyze. Marketing sources and channels don’t have to live in silos when you are able to visualize them all in a dashboard!

 Wrap It Up

Data visualization is a powerful tool in marketing. By using marketing analytics tools that format data into a visually appealing dashboard, you are able to help people outside your team understand your strategies and results, test new ideas and get buy-in from decision makers. Representing data visually provides relief from today’s information overload and is a tool all marketers need to utilize. 

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