Marketing Trends Taking Over 2017

Marketing Trends Taking Over 2017

When you are in the marketing trenches every day, it’s sometimes hard to realize just how much has changed in only a year, but it sure has!

From the continued rollout of new features on social platforms to home devices like Google Home taking over our lives (and TV commercials). A lot has come our way. 

However, we think the three trends listed below stand out above the rest. We continue to see more and more brands, and agencies make these three trends a part of their marketing strategies and more importantly, they seem to be working!

Check out the three trends we think will define this year…

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1. Expiring Content

Nothing can urge people to view something RIGHT NOW than an expiration date. From Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and Hash-disappearing content is having a moment.

Expiring content gives brands a chance to cut through the clutter and gain the attention of their audience. If you have a favorite brand, influencer, blogger, celebrity and you know their Story is going to expire within twenty-four hours you will find yourself going to their page more often to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. What more could a brand ask for? An audience seeking you out so you don’t have to worry about being found within all the clutter or better yet putting spend on a post in order to be found. Expiring content is what you have been hoping for- and you didn’t even know it!

When brands are making these videos it’s important to note they don’t have to spend massive amounts of money to create them. These are mostly ten-second long clips that are meant to feel underdone and raw. Don’t get wrapped up in trying to create the perfect moment, just go with the flow and use it as an opportunity to test a bunch of different video styles in order to see what keeps people watching.

This type of content is truly transforming the way brands connect with their audience. It’s putting urgency in their viewership and giving them the opportunity to be more creative than ever. 

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2. Personalized Everything

There is a reason Coke-Cola brought back the Share a Coke campaign for another year; consumers seem to be responding (positively) to personalization.

Brands are spending more time finding the right person, developing the right message, and getting it to the consumer at the right time. It’s not so much about real-time as it is right-time! We have seen Google push Local Search and Facebook showcase a future where VR could help you build your most personal social profile yet. Your audience wants to feel like you are talking to them! Afterall they spend a lot of time getting to know you through your website, ads and social pages. 

Since social has become a part of marketing we know we can reach the masses but we have also figured out not everyone is the right fit for our message and product, it’s all about one-to-one marketing now. You can reach the people you want to reach through multiple outlets, it’s now ensuring those touch points, and messages are specific and individualized. 

3. Video Is The Future

Video really is ruling the web and more in ways than we could have imagined. It’s not the long-informative-format, that made you dread watching anything online in the first place that’s becoming popular but rather the short clips, editable and easily consumable (mainly through social) that are making the biggest impact. And I might even go out on a limb and say, it’s the visual content that gives consumers an idea of who your brand is that does the best.

Why yes, if you’re in the B2B space you may need to use your video content for a more informational use by creating webinars and like Q and As. However, C2C brands shouldn’t just be using video to sell sell sell. Instead, they should use it to show, show, show. It’s a new way for consumers to get to know your brand, the people behind it and the day-to-day operations it takes to keep it going. Nothing will make your audience feel more connected than if they feel like they know who you are. Why yes we have seen more formats where Live and 360 Video have an impact it, but it truly is the Stories (within Snapchat and Instagram) that are being consumed and loved by all.

Wrap It Up

Will any of these trends be a big focus for you during Q4 or even 2018?

Did anything surprise you?

Was there anything we missed?

The good news is that if the three trends listed above sparked any interest, they can each be easily and affordably incorporated into campaigns you are running now!

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