Are You Ready To Target Millennials?

millennial marketing

Millennials get a lot of heat from older generations. What was that hashtag on Twitter, that backfired on baby boomers? #HowToConfuseAMillennial

Yeah, they get a lot of heat but they can handle it. And as brands take the time to focus their marketing efforts on targeted audiences some will find that there is actually a lot to love when it comes to connecting your brand to a millennial buyer.

Below are 5 tactics you need to bring to your marketing strategy if you are targeting millennials.

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1. Get Them Involved

User generated content is different from influencer marketing. This is a way for brands to encourage their audience to share their experiences with their product and to then use that content for their own marketing campaigns.

More than half of Instagrams 300 million users are in the millennial age range so if millennials are using your product they are most likely sharing it on Instagram. One of the best ways to utilize Instagram for millennial generated content is by grabbing a screenshot of their image and reposting it to your own account, with photo credit of course. When they see your brand has taken interest in their photos you are not only generating free content but you also create a new brand advocate and push them further down the sales funnels. An added bonus, once their peers see the interest you take in your consumers you can bet they will start posting and tagging your product in their pictures too, in hopes for the same reaction!

2. Take A Stand

Millennials prefer brands that demonstrate corporate responsibility and take sides on important issues. In fact, almost 50% of millennials would be willing to make a purchase if their purchase supports a cause.  They want to see verifiable claims that you encourage your employees to give back, go green and invest in your local community. This doesn’t need to be what every piece of content you produce is about but when you incorporate these themes every once in a while it will help build trust and show millennials your values. So find a cause your business can support and start telling your audience about it.

How companies can take a stand

3. Use Social To Listen, Not To Sell

Millennials use social to talk and share about how they feel about everything- from relationships to products to politics. And with 46% of millennials reporting that they have over 200 Facebook friends there are a lot of people listening to what they have to say and you should be one of them. Follow them on social media to stay on top of trends and product feedback.

70% of millennials feel a responsibility to share feedback with companies after a good or bad experience and a lot of times this is happening through social. Social platforms need to be a part of your customer success program (whether or not you are targeting millennials) and by that, we mean engaging, acknowledging and helping both the good and the ugly that happens on social.

You don’t always need to use social to sell. With millennials being so digitally synced it’s sometimes your best way to learn about your audience and help build a connection. 

4. Be An Early Adopter

For a lot of marketers, we recommend not being on every platform and not being the first to experiment with new marketing trends. For some audiences, it just doesn’t make sense. But for millennials, this is not the case as they are 2.5 times more likely to be an early adopter of technology than other generations. You need to be out there staying ahead of the trends and experimenting with new marketing technology. Whether it’s AI, VR, live video or new voice technology- what are ways you can utilize these techniques that will get millennials attention?

5. Incorporate Travel

Millennials love to travel, they love to create content around travel and they love to talk about travel. Half of all millennials report taking four or more overnight trips a year compared to 75% of non-millennials. Even if you are not a travel brand is there a way you can incorporate these experiences into your content? Whether it’s where you take pictures, the influencers you use or ways your product can make traveling easier or better- how can you use your content and/or product to tap into that part of millennials lives? Get creative, you don’t need to be an airline or a hotel to make this work. 

How to incorporate travel into your marketing strategy

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Wrap It Up

Millennials make up 21% of consumer discretionary purchases which is estimated to be over a trillion dollars in direct buying power– Millennials need to matter to your brand. The best and worst thing about this generation is their distrust with traditional marketing. It makes things complicated when it comes to your marketing strategy but that can also make things fun and challenging. 

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