3 Questions You Need To Ask When Measuring Social Data

Before you start setting goals and plugging data into an excel sheet you first need to understand how and what to measure when it comes to social media and that can be confusing.

Nearly every social platform has an analytics tool, and almost every social platform seems to give you something different to measure. However, if you can look past the terminology, settle for the information you do get and stop wishing for more, you will discover that most channels can not only be measured but also compared. Continue reading “3 Questions You Need To Ask When Measuring Social Data”

Are These 5 Features On Your Marketing Dashboard?

As easy as it is to access social media, the answers behind your marketing efforts can often seem like they are hidden. It’s kind of like when you are searching for a light switch in the dark. You know it’s there, you know you need it to keep going, but it can take a few tries to find that switch. That’s where a dashboard comes in. A dashboard can help shine some light on your marketing success and give your social media investments some credibility. Continue reading “Are These 5 Features On Your Marketing Dashboard?”

2 Takeaways From Rob’s Digital Summit Presentation

This past month, the annual Digital Summit took over Dallas to cover all things digital marketing. Converge’s CEO and Founder, Rob Kischuk presented at the largest digital gathering in the region and took on the topic of analytics and data in marketing. Below are two takeaways from his presentation with his overall goal being to educate marketers and promote forward thinking when it comes to marketing insights and analytics. Continue reading “2 Takeaways From Rob’s Digital Summit Presentation”