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What's PPC secret sauce

If you have decided to take SEO seriously and invest in PPC ads then you are going to need to understand how to use Google’s Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner is a free tool that is a part of Google Adwords advertising platform and it an extremely useful tool. 

Keyword Planner allows you to do a ton of research by providing you with data about keywords used for searches and how that affects your pay-per-clicks campaigns.

We want to make sure you know about everything you can about Keyword Planner so we outlined their features and functions below and guide you through the process of using the data that comes with it.

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Accessing Keyword Planner

With the information below comes the assumption that you already have an Adwords account created and you now have the interest and intent in understanding how to use it better. Keyword Planner is the tool that can make that happen. Keyword Planner can be accessed from the Tool menu in your Adwords account Dashboard. So ensuring sure you have an account set up is an important first step.

Now What

Once you are inside the tool you will see that Keyword Planner tells you exactly what you can do with it and how helpful it can be for your SEO strategies and PPC campaigns. 


This Keyword Planner tool will generate a list of keywords based on the keyword(s) you want to use. This lets you know how many times a keyword is being searched and if popular search terms are ones that could correlate with your business. It helps you get into the mind of a potential consumer and what they type in when they are doing research about your industry or product.


You don’t want to spend time creating a campaign that no one is ever going to see because no one ever searches those terms. Keyword Planner allows you to see trends for keywords over time which means you can upload a list of words you want to use and view volume and trend data. Maybe users have stopped using one word and now use another to describe your product? You want to make sure the term you pick is one people are naturally typing in and not an outdated word that won’t get much traction.


Keyword Planner makes it easy to plan future campaigns. The forecast tool allows you upload a list of keywords and get forecasted clicks and impressions based on the budget and targeting criteria you put in. This is a great tool for looking at campaigns you might want to run in the future or when having to set a budget for next quarter or year you can get an idea of how much it might cost you to get the results you want.


Keyword Planner has a Keyword Multiplier Tool which can be used to create large lists of keywords by generating all possible combinations of terms from 2-3 lists of phrases.


What better way to keep your team informed then by being able to share your campaigns with them. In Keyword Planner you can save your plan in your account so others can view it before it is finalized and turned on.

Wrap It Up

Did we mention that is all free? Now with anything, you shouldn’t only use one tool when it comes to your SEO strategy but this is a really good one and a good place to start if you are just starting out.

Understanding how keywords play into your PPC campaign is a very important part of SEO. Google can only do so much, you do have control and when you know how to use the resources Google gives you then your business should see some real results!

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