30 Social Tests To Run In April

30 social tests to run in April

Have you noticed how social platforms are constantly updating and changing and always improving?

Can you say the same about your own social content…

There might be a correlation between your poor social results and the fact that you are not testing anything! And we want to help you with that. We just created a free e-book giving your 30 tests to run on your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter account and we are challenging you to do on test a day in the month of April.

Below is a peak as to what you will find in the e-book.

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With Facebook,  we are challenging you to test a lot of elements regarding video and ads. These are two of the biggest advantages you have with using Facebook and we want to make sure you are using them to reach your audience and get them to perform your desired action.

Have you been using the same image? Audience? Or worse the same exact ad for way too long? It’s time to try something new!


Instagram is so imaged driven what more could you do? Have you tried integrating their new 10 picture carousel update? Have you made a story? Used user-generated content or worked with an influencer?

Have you used their new 10 picture carousel into a post? Have you made a story? Used user-generated content or worked with an influencer?

And that is just the start of it! If Instagram is one of your brand’s favorite platforms then you need to check out what kind of action these tests could drive from your audience.


There is so much to learn with Snapchat you have to be testing it in order to understand how it works! They are still a bit stingy on the metrics they provide so we gave you some ways to cheat the system that will also increase engagement and help you understand what kind of content your audience wants to see.


How can you make the most of 140 characters? When is your audience on Twitter? Should you be posting about the same piece of content more than once a week? A day?

If you are looking for the answers to those questions then you need to take a look at our e-book! We will help you perform the right test to understand what engages your audience.

Download Our E-Book!

Did we inspire you to take action?

Download our e-book to see what else you should be experimenting with on these platforms. If you haven’t changed up your social routine or strategy in a bit or maybe you have fallen off the new one you set at the beginning of the year then download your FREE e-book here! And come back and let us know what you learned.


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