5 Lies About Social Media Marketing

5 lies about social media marketing

Can you imagine the world without social media?

Social media has made a very permanent place in our everyday life, marketing strategies, and budgets so it’s essential that we don’t feel led on or have unrealistic expectations of what can happen when we take our marketing efforts to a social platform.

Below are five common traps marketers fall into when using social media.

1. It’s Free

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Yes, creating an account on social media is free. There are no costs to set up your profile, add a picture, website link, and post content. But if you want people to see your content and to compete with your rivals then that’s when things change, and you’ll benefit from paid advertising.

Even if you somehow get away with putting no money behind boosting content or creating ads, you will still spend your precious, valuable time on it. Creating content, replying to comments, commenting on other posts and pages, editing and posting pictures, and keeping your profile updated. And in the fast-paced world of marketing, time is some of the most valuable currency you have.

2. You’ll See Results Quickly

There is no secret formula or guarantee that you will see results quickly let alone have any success on social media. Social media marketing strategies are specific to your unique audience and target demographics and just because one brand finds quick success does not mean that another one will.

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There are industries that seem to benefit from social media marketing more than others but even those that find success on one platform may not be as popular on another. The measure of success also depends on why you are using social. Is it to build brand awareness, a place for customer service or to generate sales? Once you understand your goals for social, it is easy to identify metrics to measure that success.

3. You Need Lots Of Followers

Acquiring fans should not be your goal. Ever. Generating leads, that turn into sales, to grow revenue is your goal.

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One of the most significant benefits of Facebook comes from the ability to create ads and get in front of people who are potential customers. And guess what? They don’t have to like your page to see it.

Facebook gives you the ability to target ads to people who have been to your website through retargeting and target ads to your email list signups (and even create look-alike audiences from those options)  This is when your “fan” count matters… the email addresses and website visitors are going to get you a lot further than the number of followers you have.

4. You Should Ignore Negative Comments

Social media gives you the ability to reach customers at all times and in multiple ways and allows customers the same access. So why are you ignoring them? You need to be interacting with the people who are commenting on your page to keep engagement high and to get them coming back to read all the content you’re putting out there. 

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Social media can be an awesome tool for customer care, if you use it correctly, and ignoring or deleting comments that may not be good is not the way it should be used. I dive more into what you should do in this blog post but the basics are you have to acknowledge every comment and if the issue can not be fixed in that one comment or if the person continues to comment, then ask them to take the conversation to a private message. That way other consumers see how you handle issues, the issue doesn’t have to be blasted for everyone to see and you have a “policy” on how to handle internet trolls.

Guide to Social Customer Care

5. You Have To Be Everywhere

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This is probably debated as much as “is longer content better than shorter pieces”  but I think most people realize the answer to both those questions is it doesn’t matter, as long as you are committed to doing it well. If you are going to be on every channel then you need to be active on every channel, you can’t create an account and do it well for a week and realize it is too much work. You should research before you get started to find out if your target audience is even active on there, are influencers on there, what kind of content does your audience expect and how often should you be publishing? That covers the very tip of the iceberg, but you should get the idea that there is more to managing a social account than creating a profile. More doesn’t always mean better! More means more work, more resources, and more money, so you have to be ready to make those commitments. 
5 truths and 5 lies about social media marketing

Wrap It Up

Have you ever been fooled by one of the above?

Or have you have found yourself caught up in another social media lie?

Social media marketing can feel complicated and overwhelming, but it has proven that it is not going anywhere anytime soon, so you have to be willing to evolve with it! Consumers are responding to social media marketing because brands have done an excellent job adapting to the platform but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. It’s all about doing your research, creating a strategy (that includes a content calendar), setting goals that align with actionable metrics and from there you can avoid some of the most common mistakes and save yourself and business time and money!

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