Get Caught Up On 10 Facebook And Instagram Updates

Facebook and Instagram have had a busy summer! A time when most people have their “out of office” up and everything on autopilot both Facebook and Instagram have kept marketers and agencies on high alert with rollout after rollout.

It can be hard to keep track of everything going on so we put it all in one spot for you. Take a look below and make sure you haven’t missed anything! These are all quick synopsises of recent updates within both apps and include links to the original announcements if you want to learn even more. Continue reading “Get Caught Up On 10 Facebook And Instagram Updates”

F8: The Story Of Pinky & The Brain

Facebook’s F8 conference took place over the past two days in Fort Mason, San Francisco and while many developers, marketers and publishers would have loved to catch the latest announcements from Facebook live we know that wasn’t possible for everyone, so we watched it for you.  Continue reading “F8: The Story Of Pinky & The Brain”

How Video Is Changing Marketing

It’s hard to imagine the world where video wasn’t accessible to nearly everyone. Video has changed they way we connect in our day-to-day lives and has transformed the way we market. From our ability to record a quality video from our smartphones and upload it to the internet in a matter of seconds, to entire social platform being dedicated to recorded and live video streams or the fact that most people now prefer watching a video clip to reading text. Video is a game changer, and it is constantly evolving. Continue reading “How Video Is Changing Marketing”