Should Your Client Take A Side?

As an agency you might have to deal with an unexpected controversial issue but what happens if a client comes to you and they want to take a side? Want to make a bold stance and not shy away from issues?

Would you know if there are any benefits? Do you know what damages could come? What would you be prepared for?

With the current political climate, more people are wanting to know where their favorite brands stand on important issues. And I am sure with the transition of the oval office happening any day now this will be a more common theme for the next four years (more than we have ever seen before). So are you ready to support your client’s efforts in taking on the important issues?

Here is how you can ensure that taking a stand builds loyalty and doesn’t crumble sales. Continue reading “Should Your Client Take A Side?”

Pulling A Brangelina- Why You May Need To Divorce Your Client

If we thought we were doomed over this year’s political climate then we might have just confirmed the end of the world (or at least true love) with the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. To the outside world, their relationship looked like the real-deal but maybe we were too distracted by their good looks and army of children to realize their relationship had some serious flaws.

Bard Pitt blowing a kiss

Does this sound like something that might be going on in your own agency/client relationship? On the outside things look pretty good (mainly cause they are a paying client) but when you look past the billable hours things aren’t going all that well. Continue reading “Pulling A Brangelina- Why You May Need To Divorce Your Client”