5 Ways Marketers Need To Prepare For The 2017 Holiday Season

School supplies barely clear the holiday section before inflatable snowmen, walls of lights and gift guides fill our favorite retailers, news feeds and email inboxes.


And if you’re a marketer, especially in the e-commerce arena then you are starting to feel the heat. As you are finalizing your brand’s marketing strategy and campaigns for the holiday season you need make sure you have covered the five tips listed below. Continue reading “5 Ways Marketers Need To Prepare For The 2017 Holiday Season”

Data Is Only Part Of The Story

At this point, we have probably all heard it…

Data tells a story

For some people, that statement might make them say, Huh?

For others, it’s not a story they want anyone reading.

So what does it actually mean to tell a story using data? What is data storytelling?

I can assure you it’s not just emailing out data in the form of graphs and charts or throwing together a powerpoint that includes a lot of visualizations of data with no explanation. That is not storytelling. From the real stories you read, you must know that it takes a lot more than the plot to make a story great…  Continue reading “Data Is Only Part Of The Story”