The Not So Obvious Reasons To #Hashtag

Your ability to influence and steer a conversation about your client’s brand is just one of the many talents you are expected to have. Not to mention the 24/7 monitoring and its even better if you can predict what is going to be said next, yeah no pressure. When you get past the shock of what’s expected of your agency you’ll remember that maybe some of this is possible after all.

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Why Social Likes Email

When thinking about email and social, as marketers we know just how different they are from one another. Email is a powerful tool used for customer retention and driving transactions while social is used to build community and your brand’s story. These two channels have very different strengths and weaknesses, but like many relationships, that’s what makes them an unstoppable duo.

So, how is it possible that social and email can work together to drive even more business? Continue reading “Why Social Likes Email”