A/B Testing- A Marketer’s Secret Weapon

I would argue that just as important as social media, measurement and goal setting are when it comes to marketing so is A/B testing.

With marketing, it is so easy to make assumptions about your audience. Whether you are creating a landing page, content, an ad on Facebook or an email, we all think we know our own audience. We go full force into a campaign and then are shocked when we don’t get the response we expected.

So what happened? Continue reading “A/B Testing- A Marketer’s Secret Weapon”

5 Tools That Can Solve Your Agency’s 3 Biggest Problems

What problems are you currently facing a client?

As an agency?

Do the same things seem to pop up no matter who you are working with?

When we think about problems agenciesandface, we have seen reoccurring themes and have been working hard to help solve them. We want to dive into the three primary pain points that seem to be the root cause of most of the issues you might be facing… Continue reading “5 Tools That Can Solve Your Agency’s 3 Biggest Problems”