What Is Your Agency’s Differentiating Factor?

Why did you last client choose you over the competition?

Why would your next client?

These are questions you constantly need to be thinking about in order to position yourself above the other marketing agencies out there. Identifying your unique factors allows you to build a brand that is easily distinguishable from the other agencies out there. Continue reading “What Is Your Agency’s Differentiating Factor?”

What Is The Agency Of The Future?

Among several other agency and brand breakups this summer McDonald’s decision to part ways with their 35-year-old agency in the U.S., Publicis Groupe’s Leo Burnett shows that times are changing.

pug looking confused

In an effort to modernize and consolidate their nearly 1 billion dollar advertising budget McDonalds conducted an agency review earlier this year in an effort to find “the agency of the future”. Continue reading “What Is The Agency Of The Future?”

The 5 Benefits Of Automating Your Agency’s Reporting

If you have grown to love data then there is nothing like being able to visualize how great a campaign is performing for a client because of all the marketing data that is now available. But there is no way you can learn to love the collection, organization, and then the creation of charts and reports that come with it. The reporting grind is draining your entire team. Continue reading “The 5 Benefits Of Automating Your Agency’s Reporting”