Simple Monthly and Ad Hoc Reporting

Monthly reporting can be a grind, pulling in data from 10 different marketing platforms formatting the data in Excel and Powerpoint to give feedback on last month's results halfway into the next month. Our platform automatically gathers all of the data for you, and automatically generates monthly reports that are ready for presentation on the first of the month, and are ready at any time for you to answer ad hoc questions to inform your business,

Content Strategy Made Simple

You need to know what parts of your content strategy are working, and what parts are not. We integrate directly with marketing publishing platforms to integrate your content strategy your results. If you publish content directly or if your content strategy lives in a spreadsheet, we make it easy to tag your content with your content pillars so you have a permanent record of what worked and what didn't.

Powerful Standard Dashboards, and Powerfully Customizable

Based on hundreds of brand and agency analyst conversations, we have a pretty good idea of the basic reports you need to give to your client or executives to show them the performance of your marketing. We've wrapped that up in simple, effective dashboards that can meet the demands of many companies.

If you have more custom needs or unique data sources, we will partner with you to deliver the dashboard your organization needs. Any structured data, Social, Digital, or Offline data is a great fit.